Testify Songtext
von Ace Hood

Testify Songtext

Right between I used to
But don't give a fuck
Right where u becomin plz don't switch it up
U must do not love yourself as half as much
U must serve your soul n join a chosen bunch
U must know your steps b4 u double dunch
U best do your research b4 u fuck with us
Bitch I get dat Kobe Bryant clush feet
I can't stop till I get that lebron
All basis loaded i can leshy slide
I'm all way back focus ain't no cloudy skies
Driving on ma passion I can't sell u lies
Preaching wat I practice must I testify
Testify... must I testify
Ohh must I testify
They say when it goes around it comes around
U said dat they stole flow let's
Dodgers said its tough unless your bandz around
I'm goin call u bluff but ain't no snow around
Bosses on ma line vouchers 4 ma time
They tryin not to snap em easy on dat line
On ma people he done lost his mind
Type a shit they said u focus on your chance
Happy n they hating wat u for

I'm just out here livin up ma best life
Tell em bitches dat I gat ma flashlight

Future on some ohh dat hurt ma eyes break
Must I testify
That's so so so we Lectrify
Lookin in dat mirror like I'm glorify
Started every second ago niggas been wreckin them ol
Do it for poverty homes got every men in the zone
Gotta go give me a Grammy I'm planning on take it home
I'm planning to know y'all rappers
I'm planning on taking the throne
Skippin on ol of your music I just bought a memory phone
If I gat today o tomorrow ma legacy carry in Ol... facts
I'm in a back
I'm also ready whoever attacks
I'm also fuckin I'm double em back
Ohh no u gotta be quicker than DAT
Niggas just sleeping for too long
Nigga been quiet for too long
Y'all niggaz
Had a rewire the fuse on
Time takin but d glow different
N the mind framed got divine in it
I believe in em but I ride wit it fo u weirdos that just don't get it
Ma lord
Must I testify

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