We're Cool Enough Songtext
von Abraskadabra

We're Cool Enough Songtext

Here people are more worried about
What's famous, it makes them feel proud
And it seems like don't have time to criticize
Let's make so what everybody does
That's cool enough

Just a part of society has the right to complain
They distract you by offering a bunch of crap
And try to feed your brain
Don't you think we were born to be more than this?
We deserve to be free
But they piss in our sweat and makes us all believe that
There's no difference
So what's the difference between all we create
And all that is taken from us?
But we'll keep on trying to give what all
The people needs and all the people wants

We are worried about "get famous and make you feel proud"
And if seems we don't have time to criticize
Let's make so what everybody does, that's cool enough

I would abandon what i say
If didn't mean anything for anyone
That's who i am, and i won't change
No matter what they say

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