Wake Me Up Songtext
von 77 Bombay Street

Wake Me Up Songtext

Gonna save the world today / aliens take me away /the whole world seems to be a disaster / i run run run but ican't get faster
I can fly when i'm spreading my arms and / i never die and i never get harmed and / i'm gonna savethe princess and the queen / and all i wannado forever dream
Wake me up in the morning / until then my lifeisn't boring / and if you don't mind then let me stay / i'drather keep sleeping all day
I'm gonna make it to the mountain top / i'm gonnado it like james bond i'm a lover / ridingon the back of a blue dragon breed / diving in theocean where the mermaids meet
I'm flying on like this song around the world / while i am staying right here / in your bed let the fever fairy popmy head / and if you can catch up with mewe're gonna save the world / if you just lie in my arms / no one stops us from flying up to the stars

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