Planet Earth Songtext
von 77 Bombay Street

Planet Earth Songtext

Two days left to stay i travel all around the world /
I'm on my own and i don't feel like going home /
Too bad mybuddy left me the other day for his work /
But i am staying here i feel like captain kirk
Hey planet earth thank you for carrying me / thank youfor showing me your pretty pearls / hey planetearth you look so beautiful in blue / i have to say hellomy love how are you
Well now it's not too bad i' m better off onmy own / i' ll do whatever i want and fly from town to town/ and when that day will come i finally have to goback home / i remember everything i' ve done coz i had somuch fun
I'm travelling around naked foot / i don't knowwhere i'm sleeping and i don't know what to cook / i'mlooking down sea so blue / the desert isn't drywhen i think of you / i climb on trees like avatar / i don'tknow where i'm sleeping i am high above / i feel sofree in my heart and soul / i think i'm nevergoing home
I ve been to adelaide to melbourne to sydney andcairns / all around australia without any plans / to canadathrough panama to cuba peru / haiti to thailand elsalvador too / to chile brazil marocco guam / honduras bahamas barbados sudan / tortugajapan china vietnam / i've been everywhere / coz iam a travelling man

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