Dream Songtext
von 100 baltas dvēseles

Dream Songtext

What dreams we have and how they fly
Like rosy clouds across the sky
Of wealth, of fame, of sure success
Of love that comes to cheer and bless
And how they wither, how they fade
The waning wealth, the jilting jade
The fame that for a moment gleams
Then flies forever,—dreams, ah—dreams!
O burning doubt and long regret
O tears with which our eyes are wet
Heart–throbs, heart–aches, the glut of pain
The somber cloud, the bitter rain
You were not of those dreams—ah! well
Your full fruition who can tell?
Wealth, fame, and love, ah! love that beams
Upon our souls, all dreams—ah! dreams

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von 100 baltas dvēseles

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