Gründung im Februar 1964


Maximum A’s & B’s (Compilation)

  1. Zoot Suit
  2. I’m the Face (von The High Numbers)
  3. I Can’t Explain (mono version)
  4. Bald Headed Woman (mono version)
  5. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (mono version)
  6. Daddy Rolling Stone (mono version)
  7. My Generation (mono version) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - My Generation
  8. Shout and Shimmy
  9. Circles (revised mono version)
  10. Instant Party Mixture (mono version)
  11. A Legal Matter (mono version) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - A Legal Matter
  12. The Kids Are Alright (mono version)
  13. The Ox (mono version)
  14. La‐La‐La‐Lies (mono version)
  15. The Good’s Gone (mono version)
  1. Substitute (single version) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - Substitute
  2. Circles (revised second mono version)
  3. Waltz for a Pig (von The Graham Bond Organisation)
  4. I’m a Boy (mono version)
  5. In the City (mono version)
  6. Disguises (mono version)
  7. Batman (mono version)
  8. Bucket T (mono version)
  9. Barbara Ann (mono version)
  10. Happy Jack (single version)
  11. I’ve Been Away (mono version)
  12. Pictures Of Lily Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - Pictures Of Lily
  13. Doctor, Doctor (mono version)
  14. The Last Time
  15. Under My Thumb
  16. I Can See For Miles (mono version)
  17. Someone’s Coming
  18. Dogs
  19. Call Me Lightning
  20. Magic Bus (edit mono version)
  21. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  1. Pinball Wizard
  2. Dogs Part Two
  3. The Seeker (edit)
  4. Here for More
  5. Summertime Blues (live at Leeds)
  6. Heaven and Hell (mono version)
  7. See Me, Feel Me (single version)
  8. Overture
  9. Christmas (edit)
  10. I’m Free Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - I’m Free
  11. Won’t Get Fooled Again (single version)
  12. Don’t Know Myself
  13. Let’s See Action
  14. When I Was a Boy
  15. Join Together
  16. Baby Don’t You Do It (live)
  17. Relay
  18. Waspman
  1. 5:15 (single version)
  2. Water
  3. Listening to You / See Me, Feel Me
  4. Overture From Tommy
  5. Squeeze Box
  6. Success Story
  7. Who Are You (single version)
  8. Had Enough
  9. Long Live Rock (single version)
  10. My Wife (live)
  11. 5:15
  12. I’m One
  13. You Better You Bet (edit)
  14. The Quiet One
  15. Don’t Let Go the Coat
  16. You
  1. Athena
  2. A Man Is a Man
  3. Eminence Front
  4. It’s Your Turn
  5. Twist and Shout (live)
  6. I Can’t Explain (live)
  7. Bony Moronie (live)
  8. Join Together (live)
  9. I Can See For Miles (live)
  10. Behind Blue Eyes (live) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
  11. Real Good Looking Boy
  12. Old Red Wine
  13. Sound Round
  14. Pick Up the Peace
  15. Endless Wire
  16. We Got a Hit
  17. They Make My Dream Come True
  18. Mirror Door
  19. Be Lucky
  20. I Can’t Explain


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