Gründung 1937, Auflösung 1950


Transcriptions (Compilation)

  1. F.S.T. (Opening Theme)
  2. Just You, Just Me
  3. I've Got The World On A String
  4. Rex Rhumba
  5. But She's My Buddy's Chick
  6. Chant Of The Blues (Dog-gone Unlucky Blues)
  7. Rock-A-Bye Basie
  8. Lester Leaps In
  9. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
  10. I Want To Be Happy
  11. I Know That You Know
  12. Just You, Just Me (Alternate Take)
  13. F.S.T. (Closing Theme)
  14. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
  15. This Way Out
  16. Baby, Baby All The Time
  17. Somebody Loves Me
  18. Too Marvelous For Words
  19. Honeysuckle Rose
  20. How Does It Feel
  21. Loan Me Two Till Tuesday
  22. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry?
  23. You Name It
  1. How High The Moon
  2. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)
  3. Tiny's Exercise
  4. After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It
  5. Body And Soul
  6. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  7. I'd Love To Make Love To You
  8. Homeward Bound
  9. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  10. Mabel, Mabel
  11. Swingin' The Blues
  12. Beautiful Moons Ago
  13. I Got Rhythm
  14. Could-'Ja
  15. One O'Clock Jump
  16. How Deep Is The Ocean
  17. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
  18. Cole Slaw
  19. You Be You (But Let Me Be Me)
  20. It's Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight
  21. For Once In Your Life
  22. Lament In Chords
  23. I Never Had A Chance
  24. I Wanna Be A Friend Of Yours
  25. Laguna Mood
  1. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  2. Then I'll Be Tired Of You
  3. Little Girl
  4. Confess
  5. Flo And Joe
  6. Lost April
  7. My Mother Told Me
  8. Exactly Like You
  9. Part Of Me
  10. What Have You Got In Those Eyes
  11. Top Hat Bop
  12. Go Bongo
  13. Rhumba Blues
  14. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  15. Peaches
  16. Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shopping (For Your Heart)
  17. All Aboard
  18. Ooh Kickaroonie
  19. 'Deed I Do
  20. If I Were You, Baby, I'd Love Me
  21. After My Laughter Came Tears
  22. Calico Sal
  23. Third Finger, Left Hand

Mehr Songtexte

  1. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  2. Let's Pretend
  3. Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again (Why Must We Say Goodbye?)
  4. If You Don't Like My Apples
  5. Can You Look Me in the Eyes (And Say We're Through)
  6. Meet Me at No Special Place (And I'll Be There at No Particular Time)
  7. That's What
  8. (Everyone Has Someone) But All I've Got Is Me
  9. I Can't Be Bothered
  10. What'll I Do
  11. There I've Said It Again
  12. (It's Easy to See) The Trouble With Me Is You
  13. You Can't Make Money Dreamin'
  14. There's a Train Out for Dreamland
  15. I'm a Little Ashamed
  16. You've Got Another Heart on Your Hands
  17. Those Things Money Can't Buy
  18. Who's Telling You Lies
  19. It's the Sentimental Thing to Do
  20. I've Only Myself to Blame
  21. It's Like Taking Candy From a Baby
  22. You've Changed
  23. I've Got a Way With Women
  24. Didn't I Tell You So?
  25. It's So Hard to Laugh (It's So Easy to Cry)
  26. Portait of Jennie
  27. Laugh, Cool Clown
  28. Don't Shove, I'm Leaving
  29. Who's Who
  30. Get to Gettin'
  31. That's My Girl
  32. You Can't Make Me Love You
  33. Poor Jenny Is a Weepin'
  34. It's Crazy
  35. Summer Is a Comin' In
  36. Almost Like Being in Love
  37. This Can't Be Love
  38. Don't Hurt the Girl
  39. You're Lookin' at Me
  40. Whatcha' Gonna Do
  41. Gone With the Draft - Alternate
  42. Honey Hush - Alternate
  43. Route 66
  44. Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again
  45. Could Ja'
  46. How Hight the Moon
  47. What Is There to Say (Session Outtake)
  48. You Can Depend on Me (Session Outtake)
  49. I Was a Little Too Lonely (Session Outtake)
  50. Two Loves Have I (Session Outtake)
  51. Candy (Session Outtake)
  52. I May Be Wrong but I Thing You're Wonderful
  53. I'll Never Say Never Again
  54. Frosty the Snowman
  55. The Little Christmas Tree
  56. Brahms Lullaby
  57. Could-'Ja?
  58. Ke Mo Ki Mo
  59. Baby, Baby, All the Time
  60. I'm an Errand Boy for Rythm
  61. Roak-A-Bye Basie
  62. Save the Bones for Henry Jones ('Cause Henry Don't Eat No Meat)
  63. That's a Natural Fact
  64. Put 'Em in a Box, Tie 'Em With a Ribbon (And Throw 'Em in the Deep Blue Sea)
  65. That's the Kind of Girl I Dream Of
  66. Easy Listenin' Blues
  67. Staighten Up and Fly Right
  68. Rex Rumba
  69. Making Whoopee
  70. Satchel-Mouth Baby
  71. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?
  72. You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You
  73. Can You Look Me in the Eyes
  74. Sraighteen Up and Fly Right
  75. A Trio Grooves in Brooklyn
  76. Black Market Stuff
  77. I'm an Errand Boy From Rhythm
  78. What'll Do
  79. Sweet Loraine
  80. Eveyone Is Sayin' Hello Again
  81. Meet Me at No Special Place
  82. Brahms' Lullaby
  83. Ke Mo Ki (The Magic Song)
  84. My Sleepy Head
  85. Any Old Time (I'd Love to Make Love to You)
  86. I Get Sentemental Over Nothing
  87. Land of Love
  88. It's So Hard to Laugh
  89. All I Want for Christmas
  90. Who Do You Know in Heaven
  91. It's the Sentemental Thing to Do
  92. A Little Yellow Ribbon
  93. I Used to Love You
  94. Didn't I Tell You So
  95. I Wake Up Screaming Dreamin of You
  96. Nalani
  97. Baby, Won't You Say You Love Me?
  98. In the Cool of Evening
  99. East Listenin' Blues
  100. Sweet Lorranine
  101. This Can’t Be Love
  102. The Love Nest
  103. Are You Fer It ?
  104. T Ain't What You Do
  105. Jet
  106. A Portrait of Jennie
  107. Ev'ry Day (I Fall in Love)
  108. Red Sails in the Sunset


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