Gründung 1963


50 Years (Compilation)

  1. Come In
  2. Mick Maguire
  3. The Wind That Shakes the Corn
  4. My Old Man's a Dustman
  5. Black Velvet Band
  6. The Orange and the Green Deutsche Übersetzung von The Irish Rovers - The Orange and the Green
  7. The Bog in the Valley
  8. Kellswater
  9. The Bonny Lady
  10. Jigs (Come Fill Up…): Sweet Biddy Daly / Tatter Jack Walsh / Rakes of Kildare / The Rambling Pitchfork
  11. Star of the Co. Down
  12. Finnegan's Wake
  13. Wild Rover
  14. Killiburne Brae
  15. Brigid Flynn
  16. Brady of Strabane
  17. Music in the Glen: Sweet Biddy Daly / The Carraroe Jig / Charlie Mulivihill’s Reel / Music in the Glen
  18. The Barleymow
  19. Paddy on the Turnpike
  20. Wasn't That A Party
  21. I'll Tell Me Ma
  22. The Biplane, Evermore
  23. Puff the Magic Dragon Deutsche Übersetzung von The Irish Rovers - Puff the Magic Dragon
  24. Marvelous Toy
  25. Morningtown Ride
  26. Yes I Can
  27. The Unicorn
  1. Boys of Belfast
  2. Bonnie Dundee
  3. Shores of Botany Bay
  4. Rolling Home to Ireland
  5. Reels (Come Fill Up Your Glasses): Tie the Bonnet / Scotch Mary / The Mountain Road / Maud Miller’s / Tulla Reel
  6. Down by the Laganside
  7. The Overlanders
  8. The Rake
  9. Jigs: Willie Hunter’s Jig / The Maid on the Green / The Boys of Tandragee / Denis Murphy’s Polka
  10. Dan O'Hara
  11. Bold O'Donahue
  12. A Long Time Ago
  13. Wild Colonial Boy
  14. New York Girls
  15. Dunluce Castle
  16. Little Skillet Pot
  17. Up Among the Heather
  18. Rambling Boys of Pleasure
  19. Boolevogue
  20. Rory Murphy
  21. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  22. Reels: Pidgeon on the Gate / The Plough and the Stars / The Reconcilliation
  23. Girls of Derry
  24. Dark Island
  1. Irish Rover
  2. Ireland Boys Hurray
  3. Patsy Fagan Deutsche Übersetzung von The Irish Rovers - Patsy Fagan
  4. Gracehill Fair
  5. Rare Ould Mountain Dew
  6. Whistling Gypsy
  7. Lily the Pink
  8. Pheasant Plucker’s Son
  9. Lewis Bridal Song / Mairi’s Wedding
  10. She Took Me by the Hand
  11. Whisky in the Jar
  12. Dear Little Shamrock Shore
  13. Reels: The Clare Reel / The Dawn Reel
  14. Her Wonderful Ass
  15. The Titanic
  16. Come Away With Me
  17. What Would You Do
  18. Whores and Hounds
  19. Raise a Glass to St. Patrick
  20. The Hermit
  21. Drunken Sailor
  22. Rovers’ Farewell


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