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  1. I've Been Away
  2. Like I Love You
  3. Shakin' All Over Deutsche Übersetzung von The Guess Who - Shakin' All Over
  4. Shot of Rhythm n' Blues
  5. Shy Guy
  6. Till We Kissed (Where Have You Been)
  7. Tossin' and Turnin'
  8. Turn Around and Walk Away
  9. Attila's Blues
  10. Don't You Want Me
  11. Pleasin' for Reason
  12. The Ballad of the Last Five Years
  13. American Women
  14. Dancing Fool
  15. Do You Miss Me Darlin'?
  16. Dancin' Fool
  17. It's My Pride
  18. No Sugar Tonight - New Mother Nature
  19. Do You Miss Me Darlin'
  20. Samantha's Living Room
  21. When the Band Was Singin' ''shakin' All Over''
  22. Truckin Off Across the Sky
  23. Share of the Land
  24. A Wednesday in the Garden
  25. Hamba Gahle-Usalang Gable
  26. Humpty's Blues
  27. Medley: No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
  28. Medley: Comin' Down Off The Money Bag/Song Of The Dog
  29. Arrividerci Girl
  30. Truckin' Off Across the Sky
  31. Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday/Don't You Want Me
  32. Seems Like I Can't Live With You, but I Can't Live Without You
  33. When the Band Was Singin' 'Shakin' All Over'
  34. Goin' a Little Crazy
  35. Fiddlin'
  36. So Long Bannatyne
  37. Humpty's Blues / American Woman (epilogue)
  38. When The Band Was Singin'
  39. Herbert's a Loser
  40. Hi, Rockers!
  41. Hurting Each Other
  42. I'll Keep Comin' Back
  43. Theme From a Music Box
  44. Inside Out
  45. Truckin' Across the Sky
  46. Humpty's Blues American Woman
  47. Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday / Don't You Want Me
  48. Medley: No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature
  49. Medley: Comin' Down Off the Money Bag / Song of the Dog
  50. Nashville Sneakers
  51. Diggin' Yourself
  52. Seems Like I Can't Live Without You
  53. All Night
  54. Get You Ribbons On
  55. Ho Down Time
  56. Dancin Fool
  57. Hi Rockers:Sea of Love, Heaven Only Moved Once
  58. Those Showbiz Shoes
  59. Atilla's Blues
  60. Rock n' Roll Classic
  61. Love's All That Matter Tonight
  62. When the Band Was Singin’ "Shakin' All Over"
  63. Do You Miss Me Darlin’
  64. Medley: Comin’ Down Off the Money Bag / Song of the Dog
  65. Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon
  66. On Our Way
  67. Cabbage Town
  68. Sound the Horns of Gabriel
  69. Guess Who Blues
  70. A Fool, a Fool, I Met a Fool
  71. Rich World/Poor World
  72. Lost Sheep
  73. Hi Rockers!
  74. Sea of Love
  75. Your Back Yard
  76. Save a Smile
  77. Roll with the Punches
  78. Wednesday in Your Garden
  79. Light Foot
  80. Overture
  81. Alright
  82. Theme From A Musicbox
  83. Shot Of Rhythm 'n' Blues
  84. Hi, Rockers!: Sea of Love - Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday - Don’t You Want Me
  85. Hand Me Down World (The Reflex Revision)
  86. Undone


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