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  1. I Shit My Pants
  2. Crystal Liason
  3. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
  4. Seize the Day
  5. I Feel Like Homemade Shit
  6. Sonnet 29: Fortune and Men's Eyes
  7. They're Closing Up the Loopholes of Life
  8. Ah, Sunflower Weary of Time
  9. In the Middle of Their First Recording Session The Fugs Sign the Worst Recording Contract Since Leadbelly's
  10. The Fugs Spaghetti Death - (No Redemption No Redemption) - A Glop of Spaghetti for Andy Warhol
  11. Refuse to Be Burnt Out
  12. Five Feet
  13. Dreams Of Sexual Perfection
  14. Ah, Sunflower, Weary of Time (From alternate Takes)
  15. Players Theater Nada-Nada
  16. Nothing (The Full Fugs version Recorded for Folkways 1965)
  17. Nothing (From the Psychedelic Supermarket, Boston 1968)
  18. Garncht (At the Filmore East, 31 May 1968)
  19. Community Breast Nada
  20. I'm Going to Kill Myself Over (From alternate Takes)
  21. Rhapsody of Tuli (From the Tuli Tapes)
  22. Supergirl (The Write Underwater version) (From alternate Takes)
  23. We’re Both Dead Now, Alice
  24. Grope Need, Pt. 1
  25. Tuli, Visited by the Ghost of Plontinus / More Grope Need Pt. 2
  26. Aphrodite Mass: I. Litany of the Street Grope / II. Genuflection at the Temple of Squack / III. Petals in the Sea / IV. Sappho’s Hymn to Aphrodite / V. Homage to Throb Thrills
  27. The Divine Toe, Pt. 1
  28. The Divine Toe, Pt. 2
  29. Exorcising the Evil Spirits From the Pentagon Oct. 21, 1967
  30. Here Come the Levellers
  31. You Can't Go Into The Same River Twice
  32. Days of Auld Lang Hippie
  33. Hymn to America
  34. The Ballade of the League of Militant Agnostics
  35. Technology Is Going to Set Us Free
  36. Dreams of Sexual Perfection - I. Gratified Desire / II. Emily Dickenson / III. Party Party Party / IV. The Golden Bard Retirement Home / V. Lithe Lydia / VI. Healing River / VII. Chaos, Earth and Eros
  37. Summer Of Love
  38. The Fugs Rehersal
  39. The Terrible Things
  40. Refuse To Be Burn-out
  41. Liberty Not War


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