Freight Train Boogie (Compilation)

Classic Cuts A - 1933-35 (Compilation)

Classic Cuts B - 1936-37 (Compilation)

Delmore Brothers 2: Later Years 1933-1952 (Compilation)

  1. Ramblin' Minded Blues
  2. I Ain't Gonna Stay Here Long
  3. I'm Going Back to Alabama
  4. I'm Leavin' You
  5. By The Banks of the Rio Grande
  6. Don't Let Me Be in the Way
  7. Hey Hey, I'm Memphis Bound
  8. I Guess I've Got to be Going
  9. I Know I'll Be Happy In Heaven
  10. I Believe It For My Mother Told Me So
  11. Carry Me Back to Alabama
  12. I Don't Know Why I Love Her
  13. Don't Forget Me Darling
  14. Memories of My Carolina Girl
  15. Wonderful There
  16. The Farmer's Girl
  17. Look Up Look Down That Lonesome Road
  18. Ain't It Hard to Love
  19. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow
  20. Brother Take Warning
  21. Alcatraz Island Blues
  22. There's a Lonesome Road
  23. Leavin' on That Train
  24. My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
  1. I'm Alabama Bound
  2. Nothing but the Blues
  3. Some of These Days (You're Gonna Be Sad)
  4. Heart of Sorrow
  5. Quit Treatin' Me Mean
  6. Just the Same Sweet Thing to Me
  7. The Only Star
  8. Baby You're Throwing Me Down
  9. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar No.2
  10. Brown's Ferry Blues No.3
  11. I Loved You Better Than You Know
  12. Goin' Back to Georgia
  13. Home on the River
  14. Gambler's Yodel
  15. The Wabash Cannonball Blues
  16. That's How I Feel So Goodbye
  17. The Storms Are on the Ocean
  18. She Won't Be My Little Darling
  19. Gathering Flowers From the Hillside
  20. Last Night I Was You Only Darling
  21. New False Hearted Girl
  22. I Wonder Where My Darling Is Tonight
  23. Precious Jewel
  24. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
  25. I'm Leavin' You
  1. Prisoner's Farewell
  2. Sweet, Sweet Thing
  3. The Last Old Shovel
  4. Why Did You Leave Me Dear
  5. I Found an Angel
  6. Lonely Moon
  7. Midnight Special
  8. Be My Little Pet
  9. Remember I Feel Lonesome Too
  10. Fast Express
  11. I'm Sorry I Caused You to Cry
  12. Hillbilly Boogie
  13. I'm Lonesome Without You
  14. Don't Forget Me
  15. She Left Me Standing on the Mountain
  16. Somebody Else's Darling
  17. Kentucky Mountain
  18. Midnight Train
  19. Going Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains
  20. Rounder's Blues
  21. The Wrath of God
  22. Calling to That Other Shore
  23. Freight Train Boogie
  24. Shame on Me
  1. Harmonica Blues
  2. Mississippi Shore
  3. Waitin' For that Train
  4. Brown's Ferry Blues
  5. Mobile Boogie
  6. Stop That Boogie
  7. Used Car Blues
  8. Barnyard Boogie
  9. Fifty Miles to Travel
  10. Now I'm Free
  11. Lonesome Day
  12. Down Home Boogie
  13. Peach Tree Street Boogie
  14. Blues Stay Away From Me
  15. Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues
  16. Everybody Loves Her
  17. I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On
  18. Please Be My Sunshine
  19. Who's Gonna Be Lonesome For Me
  20. The Girl by the River
  21. There's Sumpin' About Love
  22. Tennessee Choo Choo
  23. Good Time Saturday Night
  24. The Trail of Time


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