Geboren am 22. Januar 1949


Mehr Songtexte

  1. She's Mine
  2. When You're in Love (For the First Time)
  3. It Won't Be You (Writing demo) Deutsche Übersetzung von Steve Perry - It Won't Be You (Writing demo)
  4. Stand Up (Before It's Too Late)
  5. Somewhere There's Hope
  6. It's Only Love
  7. Missing You (Writing session)
  8. Oh, Sherrie
  9. Don't Tell Me Why You're Leavin'
  10. Can't Stop
  11. Don't Fight It
  12. For the Love of Strange Medic
  13. Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving
  14. If You Need Me, Call Me
  15. No Erasin'
  16. No More Cryin'
  17. We're Still Here
  18. Don't Fight It (with Kenny Loggins) (from Greatest Hits Exp.)
  19. If You Need Me, Call Me (from Against the Wall)
  20. October in New York
  21. Could We Be Somethin' Again
  22. Something to Hide (Very Rare Old demo)
  23. Call on Me
  24. One More Time (from Against the Wall)
  25. I Stand Alone (Quest for Camelot OST)
  26. If Only for the Moment, Girl (from We Are the World)
  27. Makes No Difference (unreleased, Alien Project Sessions)
  28. Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving (Oh Sherrie single B-Side)
  29. Lost Angels (For the Love of Strange Medicine outtake)
  30. My My My (unreleased, Alien Project Sessions)
  31. Can't Stop (unreleased from Ftlosm Sessions)
  32. Friends of Mine (unreleased, from Against the Wall)
  33. Missing You (unreleased, live in San Francisco)
  34. Let Go (For the Love of Strange Medicine outtake)
  35. Harmony (unreleased, Alien Project Sessions)
  36. Let It Rock You (Rare demo)
  37. Blue Jays Fly
  38. A Brand New Start
  39. Angel Eyes
  40. Could We Be Somethin’ Again
  41. Special Kind of Love (AP)
  42. Don't Be A Singer
  43. Reach Out (with BJ)
  44. Holding On (Alien Project)
  45. Bring It On Home
  46. Running For Love (AP)
  47. I Love You
  48. Happy Birthday Brian
  49. Come On And Love Me (AP)
  50. If You Need Me Call Me (version 2)
  51. White Fool (with Clannad)
  52. Reach Out
  53. It Wont Be You
  54. Don't You Wanna Go To The Moon (Barnes and Barnes)
  55. Loves Like A River
  56. If You Need Me Call Me (Alien Project AP)
  57. Liberty (Journey)
  58. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  59. This Christmas
  60. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve
  61. Maybe This Year


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