Geboren am 25. März 1942

Mehr Songtexte

  1. Science Fiction / Dobbeltforestilling
  2. Bryllupssangen
  3. En hip transvestitt
  4. Tiden blir skrudd
  5. Damoklessverdet
  6. Muskelmann-sangen
  7. Eddies sang
  8. Ta meg, ta meg
  9. Det hender iblant
  10. Eddies Teddy
  11. Planet-manet
  12. Fra først av kunne alt gå an
  13. Jeg vil hjem
  14. Super-helter
  15. Science Fiction
  16. (Intro) Dammit Janet
  17. (Intro) Over at the Frankenstein Place
  18. (Intro) The Time Warp
  19. (Intro) Sweet Transvestite
  20. (Intro) The Sword of Damocles
  21. (Intro) I Can Make You a Man
  22. (Intro) What Ever Happened to Saturday Night
  23. What Ever Happened to Saturday Night
  24. (Intro) Once in a While
  25. (Intro) Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me
  26. (Intro) Eddie
  27. (Intro) Planet Schmanet, Janet
  28. (Intro) Rose Tint My World
  29. Don't Dream It, Be It
  30. (Intro) Super Heroes
  31. Science Fiction, Double Feature
  32. Toucha-Toucha-Toucha Me
  33. Que Le Ha Pasado El Sabado?
  34. Sword of Damocles (Picture Show Cast)
  35. ¿Qué le ha pasado el Sabado? (Mexican cast)
  36. Once in a While (Picture Show Cast)
  37. Planet Shmanet, Janet (Picture Show Cast)
  38. Rose Tint My World / Fay Wray / Don't Dream It
  39. The Timewarp (Wand 7" mix) Version 1
  40. Bitchin' in the Kitchen
  41. Thank God I'm a Man
  42. Farley's Song
  43. Rose Tint My World: A. Floor Show / B. Fanfare/Don't Dream It / C. Wild and Untamed Thing
  44. Rose Tint My World: a. Floor Show
  45. Rose Tint My World: B. Fanfare/Don't Dream It
  46. Hot Patuti
  47. I Can Make You a Man [reprise]
  48. Science Fiction Double Feature [reprise]
  49. Rocky Horror Picture Show (Movie Trailer)
  50. Sweet Transvestite (karaoke)
  51. En El Cine, Es Posible (Science Fiction)
  52. Diablos, Janet (Dammit, Janet)
  53. En La Casa De Frankenstein (Over at the Frankenstein Place)
  54. Tierno Travesti (Sweet Transvestite)
  55. Ritmo Especial (Time Warp)
  56. Estoy Por Nacer (Sword of Damocles)
  57. Un Hombre Te Hare (I Can Make You a Man)
  58. Rock and Roll (Hot Patootie)
  59. Un Hombre Te Hare (Repeticion)
  60. Toca-Toca-Toca-Tocame (Touch Me)
  61. Debo Pensar (Once in a While)
  62. El Osito De Ninito (Eddies Teddy)
  63. Planeta - Mi Teta / Ponte Alerta Janeta (Planet? Schmanet! Janet!)
  64. Pinta Mi Mundo De Rosa (Rose Tint My World)
  65. No Lo Suenes (Don't Dream It, Be It!)
  66. Soy Indomito Y Bestial (Wild and Untamed Thing)
  67. Vuelvo a Mi Hogar
  68. Super Heroes (Superheroes)
  69. En El Cine, Es Posible (Repeticion)
  70. Rose Tint My World - Floor Show
  71. Fanfare - Don't Dream It
  72. Sal's Welcome through Charles Atlas Song [Reprise]
  73. Bedroom Scenes through Science Fiction/Double Feature [Reprise]
  74. Touch A Touch A Touch Me
  75. Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me
  76. Fanfare/Don't Dream It
  77. Denton USA
  78. Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul
  79. The Timewarp
  80. Whatever Happened to Saturday Night
  81. Eddy's Teddy
  82. Super-helter (Super Heroes)
  83. Rose Tint My World: a. Floor Show / b. Fanfare / Don't Dream It / c. Wild and Untamed Thing
  84. Football Player
  85. Aikahyppy (Time Warp)
  86. Belt in Mouth
  87. Wedding Song
  88. Riff Raff
  89. Get Mother
  90. Sweet Transvestite (matinee performance) Deutsche Übersetzung von Richard O’Brien - Sweet Transvestite (matinee performance)
  91. It Was Great When It All Began
  92. Do The Swim
  93. Beauty Queen
  94. Fever
  95. Toucha Toucha Touch Me
  96. Letter to Nixon
  97. Rose Tint My World / Don't Dream It / Wild and Untamed Thing
  98. See You 'Round Like a Record
  99. Touch-A Touch-Me
  100. Fra først av kunne alt gå an 3 (Wild and Untamed Thing)
  101. Fra først av kunne alt gå an 2 (Don't Dream It)
  102. Fra først av kunne alt gå an 1 (Floor Show)
  103. Wall Street Broker
  104. Rose Tint My World: B. Fanfare / Don't Dream It
  105. Rose Tint My World, Floor Show, Fanfare / Don't Dream It, Wild and Untamed Thing
  106. Music
  107. Once in Awhile
  108. Farsey Flavors Advertisment
  109. Overature
  110. Farsey Flavors Advertisement
  111. Rose Tint My World: a. Floor Show / b. Fantasy/Don’t Dream It / c. Wild and Untamed Thing
  112. Belt You About The Mouth - Rocky Horror Radio Commercial
  113. Praise Yourself
  114. Must Be Mephistopheles Smith / Disgracefully Yours
  115. Dance of Love
  116. Once I a While
  117. Rose Tint My World / Floorshow
  118. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Trailer
  119. Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me
  120. Rocky Horror radio commercial 2
  121. Rose Tint My World: a. Floor Show / b. Fanfare / Don’t Dream It / c. Wild and Untamed Thing


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