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That's Not Funny, That's Sick

Best of the Lost Tapes (Compilation)

Buy This Box or We'll Shoot This Dog: The Best of the National Lampoon Radio Hour (Compilation)

  1. Intro (Worldwide Short Wave Radio Motif)
  2. Advanced Malignant Tumor of the Brain
  3. "You Don't Have to Look at Pictures on the Radio"
  4. Theatre Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story", Part 1
  5. The Lost Glider
  6. N.L.R.H. Program I.D.
  7. Marlon Brando Interview
  8. Theatre Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story", Part 2
  9. 'Little Miss Muffet' (Otis Redding Parody)
  10. Theatre Times for "The Ryan O'Neal Story", Part 3
  11. True or False?
  12. American Safety Institute: Remember to Brush
  13. The Comedy of Patrol Officer Tim O'Malley
  14. The Loan Arranger
  15. Can a Match Burn Twice? Part 1
  16. Public Disservice Message: Mental Hospitals
  17. Can a Match Burn Twice? Part 2
  18. Laughs From the Past
  19. What If Ed Sullivan Were Tortured?
  20. Canadian Newsreel
  21. Quick Canada Quiz, Part 1
  22. The Comedy of Cardiologist Dr. Andrew Tillman
  23. Quick Canada Quiz, Part 2
  24. Natlamp Unto My Feet, With the Rev. Otto A. Brown
  25. N.L.R.H. Program I.D.: Honk Honk...Why Its's Wobbles the Goose!
  26. "Methadone Maintenance Man" (James Taylor Parody)
  27. Front Row Center: "Death of a Salesman"
  28. Light Your Faith
  29. The Indianapolis Academy of the French Accent
  30. Mel Brewer's Insomnia Time, With Ron Fields, Part 1
  31. "Sperm Whale Song"
  32. Mel Brewer's Insomnia Time, With Ron Fields, Part 2
  33. N.L.R.H. Promo (Muhammad Ali)
  34. House Rules
  35. Let Us Speak English
  36. N.L.R.H. Promo (Al Jolson)
  37. Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer
  38. Stand Up
  39. Mr. Veal Chop Commercial Intro
  40. "Closet Queen"
  41. Interview With the Hollywood Gay Alliance
  42. "Closet Queen" (Reprise & Closing)
  43. Public Disservice Message: The Salvation Army
  44. The Comedy of News Anchor Robert K. Chancellor
  45. Frank Rizzo: The Philadelphia Police League for Retarded Children
  46. And the Winner Is...
  47. The Comedy of Psychiatrist Dr. Ricky Johnson
  48. The Dick & Jane Show
  49. Which of the Ten Commandments Am I Breaking?
  50. Baby Brando
  51. N.L.R.H. Promo (Yodeling)
  52. "Southern California Brings Me Down" (Neil Young Parody)
  53. Fred Purdue's Chicken Commercial
  54. The Comedy of King Faisal
  55. Public Disservice Message: Zip Codes
  56. Natlamp Unto My Feet, With Father Joseph Vazinni
  57. Outro (Worldwide Short Wave Radio Motif)
  1. Channel Surfing (Cheech & Chong Parody)
  2. Intro (Outer Limits)
  3. Harry Block: 417 Reasons Why You Should Let Us Do Your Income Tax – Reason#323
  4. "Turtle Woman"
  5. Harry Block: Reason #110
  6. The Immigrants: "The Hillbillies"
  7. "Gift of the Nazis" Show Promo
  8. Harry Block: Reason #408
  9. Suicide Prevention Hotline/N.L.R.H. Program I.D.
  10. "Well Intentioned Blues" (Pete Seeger Parody)
  11. At the Tone From the Time You Called...
  12. Handy Household Hint
  13. Universal Bank Commercial
  14. Request Time: "Gigi!"
  15. Humor Test, With Dr. Chevy Chase
  16. Alternative Child
  17. 1973 Miss America Pageant
  18. Timex Watch Commercial
  19. N.L.R.H. Program I.D./The Jimmy Dugan Story
  20. Quick Canada Quiz, Part 3
  21. Harry Block: Reason #287
  22. Quick Canada Quiz: The Answer
  23. Interview With Ali & Foreman
  24. Great Mountain Valley Drinking Water & Brite Toothpaste Commercial
  25. Scuzzy Linoleum Commercial Intro
  26. "Steppin' on a Spaniel"
  27. Car Cheese Commercial Intro
  28. Harry Block: Reason #177
  29. How Ofter Have You Said to Yourself...
  30. Police Auditions
  31. Guru Craig Baker, the Perfect Master
  32. Insincere Commercial Intro
  33. Harry Block: Reason #356
  34. "You Put Me Through Hell" (Joni Mitchell Parody)
  35. Vulcanized Sneakers Commercial Intro
  36. Mr. Whipple Commercial Goes Wrong
  37. What Do You Reccommend From the Menu?
  38. N.L.R.H. Disclaimer & Warning
  39. Cheech & Chong Parody (Conclusion)
  40. Outro (Scottish Announcer)
  1. Disclaimer Intro: "Due to the Explicit Nature..." / National Lampoon National Lampoon Magazine Commercial
  2. Tommy Toilet
  3. Flash Bazbo in a Restaurant
  4. Bill Bradley of the New York Knicks
  5. Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer: The Adventure Continues
  6. Bob the Rapist
  7. I'm a Little Stiff From Polo
  8. Legal Disclaimer (Muhammad Ali)
  9. Music Perspective, With Ron Fields, Part 1
  10. "Overdose Heaven"
  11. Interview With Don Corleone
  12. Monolithic Oil Commercial
  13. Straight Man Auditions
  14. Music Perspective, With Ron Fields, Part 2
  15. "Every Day I Feel Depressed" (B.B. King Parody)
  16. Dial-A-Curse
  17. Guru Craig Baker, the Perfect Master Visits a Bar
  18. Limerick Time, Part 1
  19. American Safety Institute: Mad Dogs
  20. Limerick Time, Part 2
  21. Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer: Chapter 219
  22. Classic Riddles, Part 1
  23. Public Disservice Message: Care Packages to Europe
  24. Classic Riddles, Part 2
  25. Santa Clause Recipe
  26. The Littlest Christmas Tree
  27. The Evil Santa
  28. Rod Serling Explains the First Christmas
  29. A&P Commercial: The Death Penalty for Shoplifting
  30. The Hockey "Guillotine"
  31. National Lampoon's Call-In, Part 1
  32. Classics of the Contemporary Drama: "Waiting for Godot"
  33. "Mother Goose's Wine"
  34. Al Capone on Trial
  35. National Lampoon's Call-In, Part 2
  36. The Rosenburgs
  37. National Lampoon's Call-In, Part 3
  38. Terminal Football
  39. "Highway Toes" (James Taylor Parody)
  40. Classics of the Contemporary Drama: "The Idiot"
  41. National Lampoon's Call-In, Part 4
  42. Outro (English Announcer)


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