Geboren am 17. März 1919 als Nathaniel Adams Coles , Gestorben am 15. Februar 1965


Hall Of Fame Boxed Set (Compilation)

Early Morning Blues

  1. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
  2. Don't Blame Me
  3. Caravan
  4. With Plenty Of Money
  5. Russian Lullaby
  6. Blue Lou
  7. Riffin' In F Minor
  8. Moon Song (That Wasn't Meant For Me)
  9. The Limp
  10. Rosetta
  11. Black Spider Stomp
  12. Rhythm Serenade
  13. Rib Town Shuffle
  14. King Cole Blues
  15. Jivin' With The Notes
  16. Bedtime
  17. Early Morning Blues
  18. French Toast
  19. Vine Street Jump
  20. Love Is My Alibi
  21. B Flat
  22. Pogo Stick Bounce
  23. Let's Try Again
  24. Fudge Wudge
  25. Windy City Boogie Woogie

Never Mind Baby

  1. Dixie Jamboree
  2. Ta-De-Ah
  3. Riffin' At The Bar-B-Q
  4. What Cha Doin' To My Heart
  5. Nothing Ever Happens
  6. Jumpy Jitters
  7. Let's Do Things
  8. Falling In And Out Of Love
  9. Syncopated Lullaby
  10. Goin' To Town With Honey
  11. Never Mind Baby
  12. Honeysuckle Rose
  13. Gone With The Draft
  14. This Side Up
  15. Scotchin' With the Soda
  16. Slow Down
  17. Early Morning Blues
  18. Babs
  19. This Will Make You Laugh
  20. Stop! The Red Light On

I'm A Shy Guy

  1. Hit the Ramp
  2. Hit that Jive Jack
  3. That Ain't Right
  4. Are You Fer It?
  5. Vom, Vim, Veedle
  6. All for You
  7. Pitchin' Up A Boogie
  8. I'm Lost
  9. Beautiful Moons Ago
  10. F.S.T. (Fine, Sweet And Tasty)
  11. Got a Penny
  12. After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It
  13. Bring Another Drink
  14. Please Consider Me
  15. If You Can't Smile and Say Yes, Please Don't Cry and Say No
  16. Any Old Time
  17. Candy
  18. I'm a Shy Guy

I Don't Know Why

  1. Sweet Lorraine
  2. Embraceable You
  3. It's Only A Papermoon
  4. I Just Can't See For Looking
  5. I Realize Now
  6. I'd Love to Make Love to You
  7. Katusha
  8. You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You
  9. Don't Blame Me
  10. I'm Thru With You
  11. I'm in the Mood for Love
  12. I Don't Know Why
  13. Route 66
  14. Everyone Is Sayin' Hello Again
  15. What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry
  16. Could-'Ja
  17. Baby, Baby All the Time
  18. You Call It Madness
  19. Look What You've Done to Me
  20. It Only Happens Once

Come To Baby, Do

  1. Come To Baby, Do
  2. I Know That You Know
  3. The Frim Fram Souce
  4. How Does It Feel
  5. Lillian
  6. Lush Life
  7. What Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are)
  8. Orange Colored Sky
  9. Jam-bo
  10. Get to Gettin'
  11. Paint Yourself a Rainbow
  12. Destination Moon
  13. That's My Girl
  14. Whish I Were Somebody Else
  15. It's Crazy
  16. You Stepped Out of a Dream
  17. Where Were You
  18. Summer Is A Comin' In
  19. Funny (Not Much)
  20. This Can't Be Love
  21. Almost Like Being in Love


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