1. Ain't Worried No More
  2. Crazy Mixed Up World
  3. You Came a Long Way From St. Louis
  4. I Let Her Slip Right Through My Hands
  5. Just a Lil' Bit of Your Love
  6. Uh, Uh, Baby
  7. Is It Over
  8. My Baby's in Love With Another Guy
  9. In Your Arms
  10. You're on My Mind
  11. I Just Want to Get to Know You
  12. I Love My baby
  13. Hotel St. Merry
  14. This Ol' House
  15. Flyin' High
  16. Take Me Back
  17. I Can't Take It
  18. Came Back on Home
  19. You Better Watch Yourself
  20. I Cried a Million Tears
  21. I'm Worried
  22. Cause I Love You
  23. Twelve Year Old Boy
  24. Don't Stay Out All Night Long
  25. My Trouble
  26. Face Down in the Dirt
  27. Blue Cat Blues
  28. Movin' It On
  29. Losing Ground
  30. One of a Kind
  31. Blues for Al and Peggy
  32. Chasin' Casey
  33. You Did Me a Favor
  34. I'm Gonna Love You
  35. See Me Runnin'
  36. Mother in Law Blues
  37. I Want to Be the One
  38. You Don't Know How Much I Love You
  39. Baby Please Don't Lie to Me
  40. If My Baby Quit Me
  41. Cold Wind
  42. Lowdown and Evil
  43. Wino II
  44. Looky There
  45. What Do That Mean
  46. You're Gonna Miss Me Too
  47. Born to Boogie
  48. Frankie's Blues
  49. Stay With Me
  50. Somebody Help Me
  51. Lone Star Boogie
  52. I Got to Leave
  53. Swingin' Mama
  54. "Big D" Shuffle
  55. I'm Blue
  56. Flatfoot Sam
  57. Help Me
  58. Lonely Nights
  59. Dark and Lonely Street
  60. Gypsy Lover
  61. The Hammer
  62. All My Life
  63. I've Got a Good Thing
  64. Looky Here!
  65. I Wanna Know
  66. Walkin' Shoes
  67. You Know
  68. I Should've Done Better
  69. No More Clouds
  70. I Like the Way You Work It
  71. The Road
  72. Alexandria, VA.
  73. I Don't Want You Hanging Around
  74. Kiss Me Baby
  75. Full Moon Over Dallas
  76. They Both Just Want to Be Loved
  77. No Money Down
  78. She's Taking Me to Heaven
  79. Martinis for Two
  80. Why Can't We Get Along?
  81. The Blues Have Come My Way
  82. The Wino Song, Parts 1 & 2
  83. Let Me Live Again
  84. Just the Kind of Man I Am
  85. Shame, Shame, Shame
  86. You Ain't Like You Used to Be
  87. I Got My Eyes on You
  88. Born to Lose in Love
  89. Wino Talk
  90. Pretty Woman
  91. Bad Luck and Trouble
  92. She Made My Mind
  93. Blues for Al and Peg
  94. I'm Just Your Fool
  95. Can I Be Forgiven?


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