1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 1: 18 June 1929 to 29 May 1930 (Compilation)

1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 2: 5 June 1930 to 30 January 1931 (Compilation)

1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 3: 30 January 1931 to 4 February 1932 (Compilation)

1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 4: 1933-1934 (Compilation)

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  1. Drunken Barrel House Blues
  2. Banana Man Blues (I Don't Want That Thing)
  3. Shake Mattie
  4. Pile Drivin' Blues
  5. Lay My Money Down (If You Run Around)
  6. Pickin' the Blues
  7. After While Blues
  8. When the Levee Breaks
  9. My Mary Blues
  10. Crazy Cryin' Blues
  11. I'm Wild About My Stuff
  12. Georgia Skin Blues
  13. I Don't Want No Woman I Have to Give My Money To
  14. Georgia Skin
  15. My Wash Woman's Gone
  16. Let's Go to Town
  17. Going Back Home Blues
  18. I Never Told a Lie
  19. Tricks Ain't Walking No More
  20. Memphis Minnie-Jitis Blues
  21. Outdoor Blues
  22. My Butcher Man
  23. Hard Down Lie
  24. New Bumble Bee
  25. Mister Tango Blues
  26. Squat It
  27. She Put Me Outdoors
  28. You Stole My Cake
  29. Goin' Back to Texas
  30. Stranger's Blues
  31. Bumble Bee (148712)
  32. I Don't Want No Woman (C-5817)
  33. Fishin' Blues
  34. Cherry Ball Blues
  35. Kind Treatment Blues
  36. I'm Talking About You
  37. Someday I'll Be in the Clay
  38. I'm Talking 'Bout You (No. 2)
  39. Soo Cow Soo
  40. Evil Devil Woman Blues
  41. I Don't Want That Junk Outa You
  42. Today Today Blues
  43. I Want That
  44. Don't Bother It
  45. 'Frisco Town
  46. I Got to Have a Little More
  47. Moaning the Blues
  48. New Dirty Dozen
  49. She Wouldn't Give Me None
  50. What's the Matter With the Mill?
  51. Beat It Right
  52. That Will Be Alright
  53. Too Late
  54. Preachers Blues
  55. Bumble Bee (No. 2)
  56. Can I Do It for You, Part 1
  57. Joliet Bound
  58. What Fault You Find of Me, Part 2
  59. Somebody's Got to Help You
  60. Grandpa and Grandma Blues
  61. Meningitis Blues
  62. You Know You Done Me Wrong
  63. Chickasaw Train Blues (Low Down Dirty Thing)
  64. Hole in the Wall
  65. North Memphis Blues
  66. Ain't No Use Trying to Tell on Me
  67. Stinging Snake Blues
  68. I'm Gonna Bake My Biscuits
  69. I Called You This Morning
  70. Good Girl Blues
  71. Plymouth Rock Blues
  72. Bumble Bee (MEM-773)
  73. Bumble Bee Blues (59993)
  74. Keep It to Yourself
  75. Garage Fire Blues
  76. Can I Do It for You, Part 2
  77. Where Is My Good Man
  78. Jailhouse Trouble Blues
  79. Socket Blues
  80. Frankie Jean (That Trottin' Fool)
  81. Meat Cutter Blues
  82. What Fault You Find of Me, Part 1
  83. Botherin' That Thing


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