Memphis Jug Band and Cannon's Jug Stompers (Compilation)

Memphis Jug Band With Will Weldon & Vol Stevens

  1. Sun Brimmer's Blues
  2. Stingy Woman Blues
  3. Memphis Jug Blues
  4. Newport News Blues
  5. Sometimes I Think I Love You
  6. Sunshine Blues
  7. Memphis Boy Blues
  8. I'm Looking for the Bully of the Town
  9. I Packed My Suitcase, Started to the Train
  10. State of Tennessee Blues
  11. Bob Lee Junior Blues
  12. Kansas City Blues
  13. Beale Street Mess Around
  14. I'll See You in the Spring, When the Birds Begin to Sing
  15. Turpentine Blues (von Casey Bill Weldon)
  16. Hitch Me to Your Buggy and Drive Me Like a Mule (von Casey Bill Weldon)
  17. Vol Stevens Blues (von Vol Stevens)
  18. Baby Got the Rickets (Mama's Got the Mobile Blues) (von Vol Stevens)
  19. Snitchin' Gambler Blues
  20. Evergreen Money Blues
  21. Coal Oil Blues
  22. Papa Long Blues
  23. Peaches in the Springtime
  24. She Stays Out All Night Long

Memphis Jug Band With Will Shade, Minnie Wallace and Hattie Hart

  1. Lindberg Hop
  2. Sugar Pudding
  3. A Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake
  4. On the Road Again
  5. Whitehouse Station Blues
  6. Stealin', Stealin'
  7. Jug Band Waltz
  8. Mississippi River Waltz
  9. Better Leave That Stuff Alone (von Will Shade)
  10. She Stabbed Me With an Ice-Pick (von Will Shade)
  11. I Can't Stand It
  12. What's the Matter?
  13. Dirty Butter (von Minnie Wallace)
  14. The Old Folks Started It (von Minnie Wallace)
  15. Won't You Be Kind to Me? (von Hattie Hart)
  16. You Wouldn't, Would You Papa? (von Hattie Hart)
  17. Feed Your Friend With a Long Handled Spoon
  18. I Can Beat You Plenty
  19. Taking Your Place
  20. Tired of You Driving Me
  21. Memphis Yo Yo Blues
  22. K.C. Moan
  23. I Whipped My Woman With a Single Tree

Memphis Jug Band

  1. Everybody's Talking About Sadie Green
  2. Oh Ambulance Man
  3. Cocaine Habit Blues
  4. Jim Strainer Blues
  5. Cave Man Blues
  6. Fourth Street Mess
  7. It Won't Act Right
  8. Bumble Bee Blues
  9. Meningitis Blues
  10. Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
  11. Stonewall Blues
  12. Spider's Nest Blues
  13. Papa's Got Your Water On
  14. Going Back to Memphis
  15. He's in the Jailhouse Now
  16. Got a Letter From My Darlin'
  17. Round and Round
  18. You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back
  19. Move That Thing
  20. You Got Me Rollin'
  21. Son Brimmer's Blues
  22. Stingy Woman Blues
  23. Newport News Blues
  24. Snitchin' Gambler Blues
  25. Lindberg Hop
  1. Minglewood Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  2. Big Railroad Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  3. Madison Street Rag (von Gus Cannon)
  4. Springdale Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  5. Ripley Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  6. Pig Ankle Strut (von Gus Cannon)
  7. Noah's Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  8. Hollywood Rag (von Gus Cannon)
  9. Heart Breakin' Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  10. Feather Bed (von Gus Cannon)
  11. Cairo Rag (von Gus Cannon)
  12. Bugle Call Rag (von Gus Cannon)
  13. Viola Lee Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  14. Riley's Waggon (von Gus Cannon)
  15. Last Chance Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  16. Tired Chicken Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  17. Going to Germany (von Gus Cannon)
  18. Walk Right In (von Gus Cannon)
  19. Mule Gets Up in the Alley (von Gus Cannon)
  20. The Rooster's Crowing Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  21. Jonestown Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  22. Pretty Mama Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  23. Bring It With You When You Come (von Gus Cannon)
  24. Wolf River Blues (von Gus Cannon)
  25. Money Never Runs Out (von Gus Cannon)
  26. Prison Wall Blues (von Gus Cannon)


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