1. The Modern Novel: Joyce and Woolf
  2. Changes and Traditions at Century’s End
  3. What Is Intellectual History?
  4. The Controversies of Social Darwinism
  5. Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Culture
  6. Marx’s Social Critique
  7. Rethinking the Scientific Tradition
  8. Universities, Cities, and the Modern “Culture Industry”
  9. The Scientific Origins of the Enlightenment
  10. Nationalisms and National Identities
  11. Max Weber and the New German Sociology
  12. Tocqueville and Mill — Rethinking Liberal Theory
  13. Revisiting Marxism and Liberalism
  14. Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalytic Theory
  15. Nietzsche’s Critique of European Culture
  16. The Industrial Revolution and Classical Economics
  17. Hegelianism and the Young Marx
  18. Émile Durkheim and French Social Thought
  19. The Emergence of Modern Art
  20. The Origins of 20th-Century European Thought
  21. The Heroic Critic in Mass Society
  22. Women’s Rights in a Man’s World
  23. Charles Darwin and the New Biology
  24. The Novel as Art and Social Criticism
  25. Language and Reality in Modern Philosophy
  26. Poetry and Surrealism After the Great War
  27. The Cultural Meaning of the French Revolution
  28. The New German Philosophy
  29. The New Liberalism
  30. Responses to Nazism and the Holocaust
  31. Science and Its Literary Critics
  32. The Literary Culture of Romanticism
  33. European Postmodernism
  34. The Great War and Cultural Pessimism
  35. The Emergence of the Modern Intellectual
  36. The New Avant-Garde Literary Culture
  37. Redefining Modern Feminism
  38. The Meaning of the “Romantic Hero”
  39. Freud, Jung, and the Constraints of Civilized Life
  40. History, Anthropology, and Structuralism
  41. Literature and Memory in Postwar Culture
  42. Existential Philosophy
  43. The New Conservatism in Post-Revolutionary Europe
  44. Poststructuralist Thought: Foucault and Derrida
  45. Early Critiques of Industrial Capitalism
  46. Naturalism in Fin-De-Siècle Literature
  47. Hegel’s Philosophical Conception of History
  48. The Continental Novel: Proust, Kafka, Mann


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