1. The Roots of Religious Experience
  2. Use the Power of Three — Paul to His People
  3. From Mount Athos to Marathon
  4. A Viking Queen Sails to Eternity
  5. Feasting With the Dead at Petra
  6. Tending Zoroaster's Sacred Fire in Iran
  7. Temple of the Goddess on Malta
  8. Torre de Palma — a Farm in the Far West
  9. Liberating the Greeks of Asia
  10. Cosmic Hub at Stonehenge
  11. Sun and Sexuality in Early Scandinavia
  12. Rome — Foundation Myths and Archaeology
  13. Slaves — a Silent Majority?
  14. Athens’s Agora — Where Socrates Walked
  15. Empire Builders — The Persians
  16. Skywatchers at Chaco Canyon
  17. Taking the Search Underwater
  18. “not Artifacts but People”
  19. Launching a Golden Age
  20. Techniques for Successful Dating
  21. Archaeology by Experiment
  22. Return to Vesuvius
  23. Realm of the Mother Goddess
  24. Overcome Obstacles — Demosthenes of Athens
  25. The Aten — Monotheism in Egypt
  26. Olympia — Games and Gods
  27. Engineering the Fall of Athens
  28. Build a Logical Case — Susan B. Anthony
  29. Make It a Story — Marie Curie on Discovery
  30. Strange Bedfellows
  31. Druid Sacrifice at Lindow Moss?
  32. Share a Vision — Martin Luther King's Dream
  33. Cracking the Codes
  34. Gournia — Harriet Boyd and the Mother Goddess
  35. Find Your Humorous Voice — Will Rogers
  36. Paint Pictures in Words — Tecumseh on Unity
  37. The Rise of Macedon
  38. Delphi — Questioning the Oracle
  39. Hunting Magic in Sacred Caves
  40. Focus on Your Audience — Gandhi on Trial
  41. Oracle Bones in Ancient China
  42. Honoring Ancestors in Ancient Ohio
  43. How to Dig
  44. Father and Son
  45. The Panhellenic Dream
  46. Archaeology’s Big Bang
  47. Call for Positive Action — Lincoln at Gettysburg
  48. Taking Religions Underground at Rome
  49. The First Encounter
  50. Engineering and Technology
  51. The Ionian Revolt
  52. Sacred City on the Mississippi
  53. The End of the World — a Coroner’s Report
  54. The Texture of Everyday Life
  55. Tomb of the First Emperor of China
  56. Women of Greece and Rome
  57. Change Minds and Hearts — Mark Antony
  58. Commemorating the Great War
  59. Voyaging on a Dark Sea of Wine
  60. Reconstructing Vanished Environments
  61. The Freedom Fighters
  62. Caesarea Maritima — a Roman City in Judea
  63. Shows and Circuses — Rome’s “virtual Reality”
  64. Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran
  65. Neanderthal Burials at Shanidar
  66. Practice Your Delivery — Patrick Henry
  67. Battle in the Straits
  68. Dancing With Bulls at Knossos
  69. “Ode on a Grecian Urn”
  70. Carving Monasteries at Ajanta in India
  71. Kyrenia — Lost Ship of the Hellenistic Age
  72. When East Met West
  73. Decoding Rituals at Palenque
  74. Myths of the Shaman
  75. Riace — Warriors From the Sea
  76. Sun and Shadow at Machu Picchu
  77. The Athenians Build a Fleet
  78. The Stone Heads of Easter Island
  79. Celestial Gateway at Giza
  80. A Bridge Across the Torrent
  81. First Find Your Site
  82. Mysteries of the Megaliths
  83. A Quest for the Trojan War
  84. Mountain of the Gods at Angkor
  85. Xerxes Prepares for War
  86. Apollo Speaks at Klaros
  87. Teutoburg — Battlefield Archaeology
  88. Who Is the Great King?
  89. The March to the Sea
  90. Desert Lines at Nazca
  91. Deities of the Acropolis
  92. Thera — a Bronze Age Atlantis?
  93. Roots of Classical Culture
  94. Be Yourself — Elizabeth I to Her Army
  95. Campaigns of the Delian League
  96. Bath — Healing Waters at Aquae Sulis
  97. Cyrus, Xenophon, and the Ten Thousand
  98. Forging Iron at Jenne-Jeno on the Niger
  99. Heroes at the Pass
  100. Faiths Lost and Found
  101. Gods and Pyramids at Teotihuacan
  102. Hadrian — Mark of the Individual
  103. Chalice of Blood in Ancient Peru
  104. Crucible of New Faiths
  105. Their Daily Bread
  106. Herodotus Invents History
  107. Towers and Tombs of Sumeria
  108. Intrepid Voyagers — The Greeks


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