Geboren am 23. Juni 1977

Mehr Songtexte

  1. Lucky Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - Lucky
  2. Details in the Fabric Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - Details in the Fabric
  3. There You Are
  4. Fridays
  5. When I Feel It
  6. Little Spanish Lady (Carlos Olmeda)
  7. To My Love (Carlos Olmeda)
  8. Dear Anna (Carlos Olmeda)
  9. Tabatha Loves Me (Carlos Olmeda)
  10. Power in Motion (Carlos Olmeda)
  11. The Right Kind of Phrase
  12. Best Seat in the House
  13. Burning Bridges
  14. Run Boy, Run
  15. One Find
  16. Wear Your Sign
  17. Strange
  18. Falling All Over the World
  19. Eyes Open (Remember My Name)
  20. Take Me Away
  21. God Moves Through You
  22. Stranger in the Sky (Make Believe)
  23. Summer Breeze
  24. Beautiful
  25. 0% Interest
  26. Zero % Interest
  27. One Love, in Sadness Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - One Love, in Sadness
  28. Undercover Lover
  29. So Unusual
  30. Life Is Wonderfullife Is Wonderful
  31. Rocket Man
  32. Little You and I
  33. If It Kills Me (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  34. Suerte (con Ximena Sariñana)
  35. I Won't Give Up Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up
  36. Burning Bridges (unreleased demo)
  37. The Darkest Space
  38. Encore Break / Intro
  39. No Yesterdays
  40. The Rainbow Connection
  41. Back to the Future Story
  42. Stuck on You
  43. Introduction
  44. I'm Yours (demo)
  45. Interview
  46. Keep on Hoping
  47. Wrap Up
  48. Live High (from an Avacado Salad session)
  49. Don't Look Back
  50. Galaxy
  51. Not So Unusual
  52. Love Is Real
  53. Put Down That Remote Control
  54. I'll Do Anything (One Love)
  55. Flying My Guilt Over a Quilt
  56. At Last (Etta James)
  57. Mudhouse/Gypsy MC
  58. I'll Do Anything (Three Little Birds)
  59. Curbside Prophet (a cappella)
  60. You Make Me High
  61. Crubside Prophet
  62. Dead End
  63. Right Kind of Phrase
  64. Future Boy
  65. Bayaeh
  66. What It Takes
  67. I'm Yours (original demo)
  68. Zero Percent Interest
  69. Who's Thinking About You Now?
  70. Be Honest
  71. Frank D Fixer
  72. Everything Is Sound (La La La)
  73. Try Try Try
  74. I Never Knew You
  75. [unknown]
  76. I Wont' Give Up Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - I Wont' Give Up
  77. Tacos and Mojitos
  78. Cannibus College
  79. Speeling to Dream
  80. All Dialed In
  81. Audience Suggestions
  82. Warming Up
  83. Gypsy MC
  84. Mr. Curiousity
  85. Dynamo of Volition
  86. Curbside Prophet/The Remedy
  87. Spiders Doin' Pushups
  88. Rocketman
  89. Cannibis College
  90. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday Deutsche Übersetzung von Jason Mraz - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  91. The World as I See It / I'm Coming Over
  92. Only Human (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  93. A Beautiful Mess (From a Raining Jane session)
  94. Butterfly (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  95. Live High (From an Avocado Salad session)
  96. I'm Yours (From the Casa Nova Sessions)
  97. The Dynamo of Volition (from an All Night session)
  98. Make It Mine (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  99. Man Gave Names to All the Animals (from the Gospel Collection sessions)
  100. I’m Yours (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  101. Love for a Child (from the Casa Nova sessions)
  102. Coyotes (from For a Girl in New York sessions)
  103. Pick Up The Pace
  104. Mediate
  105. In The Name Of Love
  106. Respect
  107. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
  108. Morning Theft
  109. Use Me
  110. Rainy Day Bells
  111. Screenwriter's Blues
  112. Night Moves
  113. A Beutiful Mess (From a Raining Jane session)
  114. Traveler / Make It Mine
  115. 10,000 Motherf***ers (Live from Montalvo) [Clean]
  116. Welcome To Schubas (Medley)
  117. Childlike Wildlike
  118. Did You Get My Message? (Audience Rehearsal) [Live From Shubas]
  119. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) [Live On Earth Version]
  120. The Remedy (I Won't Worry) [Eagles Ballroom Live Version]
  121. The Dynamo Of Volition (Live On Earth Version) [Explicit]
  122. The World as I See It / I’m Coming Over
  123. Prettiest Friend (Demo)
  124. More than Friends
  125. La Nueva Belleza
  126. Exclusive video from Jason Mraz



Könnte bitte jemand "Not So Usual" auf deutsch übersetzen? :o))


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Jaaaaaaaaaaaah. Wie toll?

Morgen Abend in München und ich bin dabei :) Sonst noch jemand?