Gründung 1992


Mehr Songtexte

  1. He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
  2. Hewlett's Daughter
  3. Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)
  4. So You'll Aim Toward the Sky
  5. Yeah Is What We Had
  6. Our Dying Brains
  7. What Happened...? / Jeez Louise
  8. The Animal World (instrumental)
  9. Nein
  10. I Win Cuz She's In
  11. Forget You Then
  12. Little Lytle Boxes
  13. Dearest Descrambler
  14. Collective Dreamwish of Upper Class Elegance
  15. What Happened.....
  16. Winners!
  17. Winners
  18. The Town Where I'm Livin' Now
  19. Wives of Farmers
  20. N. Blender
  21. Glassy-Dusty
  22. Could This Be Love / Flairless
  23. Beautiful Ground
  24. My Little Skateboarding Problem
  25. Derek Spears
  26. Glassy-Dusty (Wordless)
  27. First Movement/Message Send: ID#5646766
  28. Trouble With a Capital T
  29. Hey Cowboy, the Phone's for You
  30. Getting Jipped
  31. XD-Data-II
  32. Street Bunny
  33. Here
  34. Cows
  35. What Can't Be Erased (Drinking Beer in the Bank of America with Two Chicks from Tempe Arizona)
  36. Hewlett's Daughter (original cassette tape demo)
  37. I'm in Love With No One
  38. Wonder Why in L.A.
  39. She Deleter
  40. Nothing Big
  41. Hawaiian Island Wrestlers
  42. I Don't Want to Record Anymore
  43. Volvo in G
  44. Aviatress
  45. Beautiful Ground (original cassette demo)
  46. Fishing Boat Song
  47. I Love Nothing
  48. Rode My Bike to My Stepsister's Wedding
  49. A Valley Son (Sparing)
  50. Cinderland
  51. Discarded Pilot (intro)
  52. Moe Brandy Mountaineers
  53. Protected From the Rain
  54. Ghost of 1672
  55. Lfo
  56. Moe Bandy Mountaineers
  57. Chartsengrafs (original demo)
  58. Glider Pilot (A.K.A. Sundown for Someone)
  59. Goodbye?
  60. Florida
  61. She-Deleter
  62. I'm Not Alright
  63. L.F.O.
  64. Fuck the Valley Fudge
  65. The Rock
  66. Air Conditioners in the Woods
  67. Farming All Night
  68. Pull the Curtains
  69. What Can't Be Erased (Drinking Beer in the Bank of America With Two Chicks From Tempe, Arizona)
  70. Rattlesnake Song
  71. I'm Not Buying
  72. Mgm Grand
  73. Rode My Bike to My Sister's Wedding
  74. Hand Crank Transmitter
  75. Down on the Open Brine
  76. Aisle Seat 37-D
  77. First Movement/Message Fade
  78. What Can't Be Erased
  79. First Movement / Message Send
  80. Bob's Fast
  81. Jeddy 3's Poem
  82. Shouldn't Be That Way
  83. At My Post
  84. Le Symphonique D' Hee Haw (A.K.A. the Central Valley Pride Song)
  85. Peeano
  86. The Final Team
  87. Pre-Merced
  88. Why Glider Pilot
  89. Pissant (Throw Me Away)
  90. Levitz (Safe Asleep)
  91. (Formerly the) Rattlesnake Song
  92. 12 Pak $ 5.99
  93. At the Mall in Klamath Falls
  94. Interview
  95. The Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World
  96. I'm So Tired (special bonus)
  97. Clear Your History
  98. Way We Won't
  99. Nacher Anthem
  100. Intro / Nonphenomenal Lineage
  101. Way We Won't (KUTX SXSW Session)
  102. Brush with the Wild (Way Out West Demo)
  103. The Boat Is in the Barn (Home Piano Demo)
  104. Bison on the Plains


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