Gerome Ragni, James Rado & Galt MacDermot Songtexte
Good Morning Starshine

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical (Soundtrack)

Original Broadway Cast Album

  1. Aquarius (von Ronnie Dyson)
  2. Donna (von Gerome Ragni)
  3. Hashish
  4. Sodomy (von Steve Curry)
  5. Colored Spade (von Lamont Washington)
  6. Manchester England (von James Rado)
  7. I’m Black
  8. Ain’t Got No
  9. I Believe in Love (von Melba Moore)
  10. Ain’t Got No (reprise)
  11. Air (von Sally Eaton, Shelley Plimpton, Moore and Company)
  12. Initials
  13. I Got Life (von James Rado)
  14. Going Down (von Gerome Ragni)
  15. Hair (von Rado, Ragni and Company)
  16. My Conviction (von Jonathan Kramer)
  17. Easy To Be Hard (von Lynn Kellogg)
  18. Don’t Put It Down (von Gerome Ragni and Steve Curry)
  19. Frank Mills (von Shelley Plimpton)
  20. Be-In
  21. Where Do I Go? (von James Rado)
  22. Electric Blues (von Paul Jabara)
  23. Manchester England (reprise) (von James Rado)
  24. Black Boys
  25. White Boys
  26. Walking in Space
  27. Abie Baby (von Lorrie Davis, Lamont Washington, Ronald Dyson, Donnie Burks)
  28. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
  29. What a Piece of Work Is Man / Walking in Space (reprise) (von Walter Harris & Ronald Dyson, Hair Ensemble & Company)
  30. Good Morning Starshine (von Lynn Kellogg, Melba Moore, James Rado, Gerome Ragni)
  31. The Bed (von Galt MacDermot)
  32. The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) (von Rado, Kellogg, Moore and Company)

Original Off-Broadway Cast Album

  1. I Got Life (von Galt MacDermot)
  2. Air (von Galt MacDermot)
  3. Going Down (von Galt MacDermot)
  4. Hair (von Galt MacDermot)
  5. Dead End (von Galt MacDermot)
  6. Frank Mills (von Galt MacDermot)
  7. Hare Krishna (von Galt MacDermot)
  8. Electric Blues (von Galt MacDermot)
  9. Easy to Be Hard (von Galt MacDermot) Deutsche Übersetzung von Galt MacDermot - Easy to Be Hard
  10. Manchester (von Galt MacDermot)
  11. White Boys (von Galt MacDermot)
  12. Black Boys (von Galt MacDermot)
  13. Walking in Space (von Galt MacDermot)
  14. Aquarius
  15. Good Morning Starshine (von Galt MacDermot)
  16. Exanaplanetooch (von Galt MacDermot)
  17. The Climax (von Galt MacDermot)
  18. Opening (von Galt MacDermot)
  19. Red Blue and White (von Galt MacDermot)
  20. Sentimental Ending (von Galt MacDermot)
  21. Galt MacDermot Interview: How Did You Become Involved With "Hair"? (von Galt MacDermot)
  22. Galt MacDermot Interview: What Do You Remember About the Off-Broadway Cast Recording? (von Galt MacDermot)
  23. Galt MacDermot Interview: And the Broadway Cast Recording? (von Galt MacDermot)
  24. Galt MacDermot Interview: In the Recording Session Photos, You Were the Only Person Wearing a Jacket and Tie (von Galt MacDermot)
  25. Galt MacDermot Interview: How Did the Two Productions Differ? (von Galt MacDermot)
  26. Galt MacDermot Interview: You Were Not a Traditional Theater Composer. Did You Have Any Models or Influences? (von Galt MacDermot)
  27. Galt MacDermot Interview: Did "Hair" Influence Your Later Work, Like "Two Gentlemen of Verona"? (von Galt MacDermot)
  28. Galt MacDermot Interview: "Hair" Was Controversial With Critics and the Public. Did This Affect You at All? (von Galt MacDermot)
  29. Galt MacDermot Interview: On Writing for the Theater, and What Makes a Popular Song (von Galt MacDermot)
  30. Galt MacDermot Interview: Did You Ever Rewrite Any of the "Hair" Songs? (von Galt MacDermot)
  31. Galt MacDermot Interview: What Sort of Music Do You Write Now? (von Galt MacDermot)
  32. Galt MacDermot Interview: Do You Use Synthesizers? (von Galt MacDermot)
  33. Galt MacDermot Interview: Have You Got Any Advice for People Who Want to Write for Musical Theater? (von Galt MacDermot)
  34. Galt MacDermot Interview: Does Any One Songs in "Hair" Express Your Philosophy? (von Galt MacDermot)

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