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She Thinks I Still Care (The Complete United Artists Recordings 1962-64) (Compilation)

  1. She Thinks I Still Care
  2. Root Beer
  3. Three's a Crowd
  4. Poor Little Rich Boy
  5. Sometimes You Just Can't Win
  6. Running Bear
  7. She Once Lived Here
  8. Open Bit Mine
  9. Imitation of Love
  10. Beggar to a King
  11. Best Guitar Picker
  12. What Am I Worth
  13. There's No Justice
  14. I Saw Me
  15. Geronimo
  16. Peace in the Valley
  17. Bubbles in My Beer
  18. Faded Love
  19. Roly Poly
  20. Trouble in Mind
  21. Take Me Back to Tulsa
  22. The Warm Red Wine
  23. Times Changes Everything
  24. Worried Mind
  25. Silver Dew on the Bluegrass Tonight
  26. San Antonio Rose
  27. Homecoming in Heaven
  28. My Cup Runneth Over
  29. Wandering Soul
  30. He's So Good to Me
  31. Magic Valley
  32. Kneel at the Feet of Jesus
  1. It's a Sin
  2. The Precious Jewel
  3. I Could Never Be Ashamed of You
  4. Yes, I Know Why
  5. Give My Love to Rose
  6. The Same Sweet Girl
  7. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
  8. Wings of a Dove
  9. A Little Bitty Tear
  10. Beacon in the Night
  11. Matthew Twenty Four
  12. He Made Me Free
  13. Someone's Watching Over You
  14. Mansion on the Hill
  15. Take These Chains From My Heart
  16. Wedding Bells
  17. I Heard You Crying in Your Sleep
  18. I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin'
  19. You Win Again
  20. You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave)
  21. Lonesome Whistle
  22. A House Without Love
  23. Your Cheatin' Heart
  24. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  25. Steel Guitar Rag
  26. Big Beaver
  27. A Girl I Used to Know
  28. Lonesome Life
  29. Big Fool of the Year
  30. Not What I Had in Mind
  1. Lonely Christmas Call
  2. My Mom and Santa Claus (Twistin' Santa Claus)
  3. Not What I Had in Mind
  4. I Saw Me
  5. Wrong Number
  6. The Old Old House
  7. I Can't Change Overnight
  8. World's Worst Loser
  9. Every Time I Look at You
  10. Seasons of My Heart
  11. Ain't It Funny What a Fool Will Do
  12. You Comb Her Hair
  13. I Wish Tonight Would Never End
  14. In the Shadow of a Lie
  15. She's Lonesome Again
  16. Your Kind of Loving Won't Do
  17. Lonesome Old Town
  18. I'll Never Let Go of You
  19. Jonesy (instrumental)
  20. Forgive Me Now
  21. You Done Me Wrong
  22. Color of the Blues
  23. Cuttin' a Rug (instrumental)
  24. A Real Close Friend
  25. I Won't Love You Anymore
  26. Ragged but Right
  27. It Scares Me Half to Death
  28. A Rose From a Bride's Bouquet
  29. When Your House Is Not a Home
  30. I'm Just Blue Enough
  31. Just When I Needed You
  32. My Heart's Bouquet
  1. We Could
  2. Take Me as I Am
  3. Where Did the Sunshine Go
  4. Making the Rounds
  5. I've Just Got to See You Once More
  6. Lovin' Lies
  7. Let's Invite Them Over
  8. What's in Our Hearts
  9. Suppose Tonight Would Be Our Last
  10. I Let You Go
  11. Afraid
  12. Multiply the Heartaches
  13. Don't Go
  14. There's a Friend in the Way
  15. She's My Mother
  16. Alabama
  17. The Race Is On
  18. Flame in My Heart
  19. We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds
  20. Now Tell Me
  21. Until Then
  22. Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was on the Right)
  23. Something I Dreamed
  24. My Tears Are Overdue
  25. I Get Lonely in a Hurry
  1. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus
  2. I'll Be There to Welcome You Home
  3. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  4. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  5. House of Gold
  6. I Can't Get Over You
  7. Dixieland for Me
  8. Once More
  9. Will There Ever Be Another (2007)
  10. Will There Ever Be Another
  11. I'd Jump the Mississippi
  12. Please Be My Love
  13. I'd Dreamed My Baby Came Home
  14. Brown to Blue
  15. Without a Reason
  16. Where Does a Little Tear Come From
  17. What's Money
  18. Wouldn't It Be Something
  19. Let's Go Home
  20. Please Talk to My Heart
  21. Gonna Have a Little Talk With You Friend
  22. I've Been Known to Cry
  23. A Good Old Fashion Cry
  24. Book of Memories
  25. Is This How a Broken Heart Dies
  26. Holiday of Love
  27. Gold and Silver
  28. Love's Gonna Live Here
  29. She's Mine
  30. I'm Gonna Change Everything
  31. Least of All


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