Golden Greats (Compilation)

  1. Cheek to Cheek (von Fred Astaire with Leo Reisman and his Orchestra)
  2. Let’s Face the Music and Dance
  3. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
  4. Never Gonna Dance
  5. A Fine Romance
  6. They All Laughed
  7. The Way You Look Tonight
  8. A Foggy Day (in London Town)
  9. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  10. Let Yourself Go
  11. I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket
  12. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
  13. Isn’t This a Lovely Day?
  14. Change Partners
  15. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
  16. I Can’t Be Bothered Now
  17. Things Are Looking Up
  18. Pick Yourself Up
  19. Slap That Bass
  20. (I’ve Got) Beginner’s Luck
  21. Bojangles of Harlem
  22. No Strings
  23. The Piccolino
  24. We Saw the Sea
  25. Shall We Dance?
  1. Night and Day
  2. After You, Who?
  3. I’m Building Up to an Awful Let-Down
  4. I’d Rather Lead a Band
  5. I Used to Be Colour Blind
  6. The Yam
  7. The Yam Step (Explained)
  8. High Hat
  9. My One and Only
  10. The Half of It Dearie Blues
  11. The Babbitt and the Bromide
  12. Hang on to Me
  13. I Love Louisa
  14. Fascinatin’ Rhythm
  15. Funny Face
  16. I’d Rather Charleston
  17. White Heat...Dancing in the Dark (orchestra only)
  18. Hoops
  19. Sweet Music (to Worry the Wolf Away)
  20. Louisiana
  21. Not My Girl
  22. Maybe It’s Because (I Love You Too Much)
  23. The Gold Digger’s Song (We’re in the Money)
  24. I’ve Got You on My Mind
  25. Crazy Feet
  1. Puttin’ On the Ritz
  2. Dearly Beloved
  3. Who Cares?
  4. You’re Easy to Dance With
  5. You Were Never Lovelier
  6. Flying Down to Rio
  7. Music Makes Me
  8. I’ll Capture Your Heart
  9. Dream Dancing
  10. This Heart of Mine
  11. Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye
  12. I’m Old Fashioned
  13. A Couple of Song and Dance Men
  14. Love of My Life
  15. On the Beam
  16. So Near and Yet So Far
  17. The "Shorty George"
  18. I Can’t Tell a Lie
  19. Me and the Ghost Upstairs
  20. Just Like Taking Candy From a Baby
  21. Poor Mister Chisholm
  22. (I Ain’t Hep to That Step, but I’ll) Dig It
  23. The Wedding Cake Walk
  24. Wedding in the Spring
  25. If Swing Goes, I Go Too


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