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Breezes of Patchouli: His Studio Recordings: 1966-1969 (Compilation)

  1. Sunshine Superman
  2. Legend of a Girl Child Linda
  3. Three Kingfishers
  4. Ferris Wheel
  5. Bert's Blues
  6. Season of the Witch
  7. The Trip
  8. Guinevere
  9. The Fat Angel
  10. Celeste
  11. Mellow Yellow
  12. Writer in the Sun
  13. Sand and Foam
  14. The Observation
  15. Bleak City Woman
  16. House of Jansch
  17. Young Girl Blues
  18. Museum
  19. Hampstead Incident
  20. Sunny South Kensington
  1. Hurdy Gurdy Man Deutsche Übersetzung von Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
  2. Peregrine
  3. The Entertaining Of A Shy Girl
  4. As I Recall It
  5. Get Thy Bearings
  6. Hi It's Been A Long Time
  7. West Indian Lady
  8. Jennifer Juniper
  9. The River Song
  10. Tangier
  11. A Sunny Day
  12. The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow
  13. Teas
  14. Jennifer Juniper (Italian version)
  15. Barabajagal
  16. Superlungs My Supergirl
  17. Where Is She
  18. Happiness Runs
  19. I Love My Shirt
  20. The Love Song
  21. To Susan on the West Coast Waiting
  22. Atlantis Deutsche Übersetzung von Donovan - Atlantis
  23. Trudi
  24. Pamela Jo
  25. A Poor Man's Sunshine (Nativity)
  1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  2. Mad John's Escape
  3. Skip-A-Long Sam
  4. Sun
  5. There Was a Time
  6. Oh Gosh
  7. Little Boy in Corduroy
  8. Under the Greenwood Tree
  9. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be
  10. Someone Singing
  11. Song of the Naturalists Wife
  12. The Enchanted Gypsy
  13. Voyage Into the Golden Screen
  14. Isle Of Islay
  15. The Mandolin Man and His Secret
  16. Lay of the Last Tinker
  17. The Tinker and the Crab
  18. Widow With Shawl (A Portrait)
  19. The Lullaby of Spring
  20. The Magpie
  21. Starfish-on-the-Toast
  22. Epistle to Derroll
  1. Breezes of Patchouli
  2. Museum (First version)
  3. Superlungs (First version)
  4. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be
  5. Sunshine Superman (original Longer Stereo version)
  6. Epistle to Dippy
  7. Preachin' Love
  8. Good Time
  9. There Is a Mountain
  10. Superlungs (second version)
  11. Epistle to Dippy (alternative Arrangement)
  12. Teen Angel
  13. Poor Cow
  14. Lalena
  15. Aye My Love
  16. What a Beautiful Creature You Are
  17. Colours
  18. Catch the Wind Deutsche Übersetzung von Donovan - Catch the Wind
  19. The Stromberg Twins
  20. Snakeskin
  21. Lauretta's Cousin Laurinda
  22. The Swan (Lord of the Reedy River)
  23. New Years Resolution (Donovan's Celtic Jam)


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