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Mehr Songtexte

  1. Darktown Strutter's Ball
  2. The World's Fair
  3. Take a Train
  4. Lover, Come Back to Me
  5. True Blue Tromboniums
  6. NWPT
  7. Georiga on My Mind
  8. Allegro Blues
  9. Non-Sectarian Blues (mono recording)
  10. Pange Lingua March
  11. Strolling
  12. Shouts
  13. Leo's Place
  14. Darien Mode
  15. Pieta
  16. River, Stay 'Way From My Door
  17. Am I Blue?
  18. Oh Susanna
  19. When It Is Sleepy Time Down South
  20. Darktown Strutters Ball
  21. 40 Days
  22. It's Déjà Vu All Over Again
  23. Fourth of July
  24. The Things You Never Remember
  25. Marian McPartland
  26. Brotherly Love
  27. I'm Still in Love With a Girl Named Oli
  28. Her Name Is Nancy
  29. Sahra
  30. Five for Ten Small Fingers
  31. This Cannot Be Love
  32. Wonderful Copenhagen
  33. Kathy's Waltz (instrumental)
  34. Blue Dove
  35. Introduction
  36. Cielito Lindo
  37. Sobre Las Olas (Over the Waves)
  38. Poinciana
  39. Alla En El Rancho Grande
  40. La Bamba
  41. Chromatic Fantasy Sonata: I. Allegro Molto
  42. Chromatic Fantasy Sonata: II. Chorale
  43. Chromatic Fantasy Sonata: III. Fugue
  44. Chromatic Fantasy Sonata: IV. Chaconne
  45. Five Pieces From 'Two-Part Adventures': Back Again
  46. Five Pieces From 'Two-Part Adventures': Brotherly Love
  47. Five Pieces From 'Two-Part Adventures': Winter Ballad
  48. Five Pieces From 'Two-Part Adventures': The Eleven Disciples
  49. Five Pieces From 'Two-Part Adventures': Chasin' Yourself
  50. Rising Sun
  51. I Thought About You
  52. Theme from Elementals
  53. Rude Old Man
  54. Who Said That?
  55. Watusi Drums
  56. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
  57. Chromatic Fantasy: I. Allegro Molto
  58. Chromatic Fantasy: II. Chorale
  59. Chromatic Fantasy: III. Fugue
  60. Chromatic Fantasy: IV. Chaconne
  61. When You Wish Upon a Star (from Walt Disney's "Pinocchio")
  62. Blue Rondo a La Turk (Dave Brubeck)
  63. The Real Ambassadors
  64. Circadian Dysrhytmia
  65. Yea, Truth Faileth
  66. 3. Fugue
  67. Wien, Wien, Nur Du Allein
  68. Stormy Weather
  69. Traveling Blues
  70. 4. The Eleven Disciples
  71. Chromatic Fantasy Sonata: 1. Allegro molto
  72. Waltzy
  73. Kathy's Walz
  74. Introduction of London Flat, London Sharp
  75. Guten Abend, Gute Nacht
  76. 3. Winter Ballad
  77. London Flat, London Sharp
  78. Swanee River
  79. 5. Chasin' Yourself
  80. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': 1. Bach Again
  81. 4. Chaconne
  82. 2. Chorale
  83. 2. Brotherly Love
  84. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: II. Scherzo
  85. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: VIII. À La Turk
  86. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: III. Blues
  87. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: VI. Chorale
  88. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: IV. Fugue
  89. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: I. Prelude
  90. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: VII. Waltz
  91. Points on Jazz, for two pianos and chamber orchestra: V. Rag
  92. The Lonesome Road
  93. Pick Up the Sticks
  94. (Back Home Again in) Indiana
  95. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': IV. The Eleven Disciples
  96. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': III. Winter Ballad
  97. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': I. Bach Again
  98. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': II. Brotherly Love
  99. Five Pieces from 'Two-Part Adventures': V. Chasin' Yourself
  100. Is The Lords Hand Shortened?
  101. Truth (Planets Are Spinning)
  102. Arise!
  103. Speak Out, I Called and No One Answers - Yea Truth Faileth
  104. Oh, That My Head Were Waters
  105. Yea Truth Faileth
  106. Merciful Men Are Taken Away
  107. Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra: IV. Allegro-Blues
  108. Glances: II. Blue Aria
  109. Glances: IV. Doing the Charleston
  110. Glances: I. Overture
  111. Glances: III. Struttin'
  112. Charles Matthew Hallejuah
  113. Starnge Meadow Lark
  114. River, Stay Away From My Door
  115. Wish You Wish Upon A Star
  116. Cora o Sens vel
  117. Regret (première discographique)
  118. Processioal
  119. Where Is He?
  120. Run, Run, Run
  121. La Posada
  122. La Piñata
  123. God's Love Made Visible
  124. Gloria
  125. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
  126. In the Beginning
  127. Neither Death nor Life
  128. We Have Come to See the Son of God
  129. My Soul Magnifies the Lord
  130. Behold! The Holy One
  131. Sleep, Holy Infant, Sleep
  132. Arise
  133. Is the lord's hand shortened ?
  134. Prelude, Merciful men are taken away
  135. Oh, that my head were waters, Speak out (duet), I called and no one answered
  136. Is the Lord's Hand Shortened?
  137. Oh, That My Head Were Waters / Speak Out (duet) / I Called and No One Answered
  138. Take The A Train
  139. Exclusive Interview With Dave Brubeck on the Making of Time Out
  140. Spring In Central Park
  141. Tokyo Traffic
  142. Coracao Sensival
  143. Take the 'A' Train
  144. Broadway Bossa Nova
  145. Vento Fresco
  146. Dizzy Ditty
  147. Irmao Amigo
  148. Summer On The Sound
  149. Cantigo Nova Song
  150. Lonely Mr. Broadway
  151. Zen is When
  152. Broadway Romance
  153. Toki's Theme
  154. Osaka Blues
  155. Lamento
  156. There'll Be No Tomorrow
  157. Since Love Had It's Way
  158. Shim Wa
  159. Castilliian Drums
  160. The City Is Crying
  161. Heigh‐Ho
  162. 'Ol Bill Basie
  163. Blue Rondo Al A Turk


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