The Best Of (Compilation)

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  1. Love is Just a Game
  2. It Wouldn't Be the Same Without You
  3. Dark Moon
  4. Wicked Game (instrumental)
  5. I'm Not Waiting
  6. Don't Make Me Dream About You
  7. Change Your Mind
  8. The Little White Cloud That Cried
  9. Cool Cat Walk
  10. Dark Spanish Symphony
  11. Let's Have a Party
  12. Somebody's Calling
  13. Going Nowhere
  14. Baby I Did a Bad Thing
  15. Diddly Daddy
  16. Forevr Blue
  17. Blue Day, Black Nights
  18. Wicked Games Deutsche Übersetzung von Chris Isaak - Wicked Games
  19. Blue Darling
  20. Baby Did a Bad Thing Deutsche Übersetzung von Chris Isaak - Baby Did a Bad Thing
  21. Devil Woman
  22. Spanish Song
  23. Breaking Apart - (featuring Trisha Yearwood)
  24. I Lose My Heart - (featuring Michelle Branch)
  25. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer ***
  26. Have Yourself A Mery Little Christmas
  27. Cray Arms
  28. Doncha' Think It's Time
  29. Your True Love
  30. Now Or Never
  31. Dream Deferred
  32. Crazy Arms
  33. Everybody
  34. Lovely Loretta
  35. Everybody's In The Mood
  36. Trying To Get You
  37. Doin' the Best I Can
  38. I Walk Tbe Line
  39. Love Me
  40. Oh, Pretty Woman
  41. Pretty Woman
  42. That Lucky Old Sun
  43. My Baby Don't Love Me No More
  44. My Baby Left Me
  45. She's Not You
  46. I Got It Bad
  47. Great Balls Of Fire (Westlake Mix 1)
  48. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry
  49. Another Idea
  50. Bonnie B (bonus track)
  51. Intro
  52. I’ll Go Crazy
  53. Go Walkin’ Down There
  54. Blue Darlin’
  55. Keep Hanging On
  56. The Girl That Broke My Heart
  57. Don't Break My Heart
  58. Love the Way You Kiss Me
  59. Every Night I Miss You More
  60. Please Don't Call
  61. Some Days Are Harder Than the Rest
  62. Everyone Gets Down
  63. Fast n' slow
  64. Fast n’ Slow
  65. Tequila
  66. Caledonia
  67. Baby Please Don't Go
  68. Love You Just The Same
  69. Don't Let Me Dream About You
  70. That's What I Want
  71. Go Waking Down There
  72. All I Want
  73. Outro Voice Over
  74. Tonight
  75. You Owe Me
  76. Vayo Con Dios
  77. Sombody's Crying
  78. Intro Voice Over


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