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Pick Me Up on Your Way Down (Compilation)

  1. I'm Looking For Another You
  2. Stolen Kisses
  3. Flaming Jewels
  4. Two Red Lips
  5. By Rights You Belong To Me
  6. Out Of My Arms
  7. Flock Of Memories
  8. What You Savin' Your Lovin' For
  9. I've Never Been Out Of Texas (But I've Seen Everything)
  10. Stay Away From My Heart
  11. You Don't Need No Other Daddy But Me
  12. Tell Her Lies And Feed Her Candy
  13. When You Know What You Have Lost (And You Know You Still Care)
  14. It Takes That To Satisfy Me
  15. The Chocolate Song
  16. Hurry Back Home
  17. Only You, Only You
  18. You Can't Get There From Here
  19. Remembering
  20. Stepping Stones
  21. Stand Still
  22. Cheaters Never Win
  23. I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore
  24. Gentle Love
  25. No Sorrow Tonight
  26. Dancing Mexican Boy
  27. I'll Never Let It Show
  28. Take My Hand (I'll Understand)
  29. Two Empty Arms
  30. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  31. Do You Care For Me
  32. Who's Giving You Heartaches Now
  1. I'll Catch You When You Fall
  2. I Don't Mind Saying
  3. Broken Hearts Will Haunt Your Soul
  4. Bow Down Your Head And Cry
  5. When My Conscience Hurts The Most
  6. Who Will Buy The Wine
  7. I Go Anywhere
  8. Take Back Your Old Love Letters
  9. A Way To Free Myself
  10. Right Back At Your Door
  11. Facing The Wall
  12. I Walked Out Of Heaven (When I Walked Out Of You)
  13. Good Deal, Lucille
  14. Louisiana Belle
  15. Life Goes On (I Wonder Why)
  16. I Only Meant To Borrow (Not To Steal)
  17. Running Back To You
  18. One In Every Crowd
  19. What's Wrong With Me
  20. There's Where Katie Waits
  21. Truck Driving Man
  22. Close All The Honky Tonks
  23. The Bad Things I Do
  24. I Am Nothing
  25. Last Call For Alcohol
  26. Wild Side Of Life
  27. Honky Tonk Blues
  28. Fraulein
  29. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  1. Honky Tonk Song
  2. The Band Keeps Playing On
  3. Every Good Reason
  4. Shoes of a Fool
  5. Walking the Floor Over You
  6. Foggy River
  7. Born to Lose
  8. You're Still on My Mind
  9. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  10. I'll Go Down Swinging
  11. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin
  12. Gonna Buy Me a Jukebox
  13. I Can Take Anything
  14. I'd Rather Switch Than Fight
  15. Fast Way of Livin'
  16. Hello Bill
  17. Bubbles in My Beer
  18. Crazy Arms
  19. Little Old Heartache Maker Me
  20. Wild as a Wildcat
  21. Out of a Honky Tonk
  22. Try Me One More Time
  23. The Man in the Little White Suit
  24. Memory Killer
  25. He's a Jolly Good Fellow
  26. A Dozen More Like You
  27. Back In My Baby's Arms Again
  28. I'm Gonna Live (As Long as I Can)
  29. Little Ol' Winedrinker Me
  30. Think of Me
  31. Daddy's Coming Home (Next Week)
  32. I'm Ashamed of You
  33. I'm Gonna Hang Up My Gloves
  34. You Lied to Me
  35. The Town That Never Sleeps
  1. The Way To Say Goodbye
  2. Mr. Cool
  3. Don't Squeeze My Sharmon
  4. Moffett, Oklahoma
  5. The Tail's Been Waggin' The Dog Too Long
  6. Tonight, We're Calling It A Day
  7. Pistol Packin' Mama
  8. Fast Women, Slow Horses And Wine
  9. Here's To The Girls
  10. I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight
  11. Sweetheart Of The Year
  12. The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)
  13. A Bad Girl
  14. When My Conscience Hurts The Most
  15. Truck Drivin' Cat With Nine Wives
  16. A Honky Tonk in Dallas
  17. San Diego
  18. There Is A Fountain
  19. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  20. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  21. Softly And Tenderly
  22. This World Is Not My Home
  23. Precious Memories
  24. I'll Fly Away
  25. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
  26. The Great Speckled Bird
  27. On The Wings Of A Dove
  28. He Is My Everything
  29. Honky Tonk Season
  30. Till Something Better Comes Along
  31. Too Many Nights In Too Many Arms
  1. You're From Texas
  2. Don't Put Down the Honky Tonks
  3. Rosie Bokay
  4. Honky Tonk Women
  5. I Owe the World to You
  6. Let's Go Fishin' Boys (The Girls Are Bitin')
  7. You're All Dressed Up (With Somewhere to Go)
  8. Ode to Stella
  9. God Save the Queen (Of the Honky Tonks)
  10. Becky Who
  11. My Baby Used to Be That Way
  12. Before I Found the Wire
  13. Good Old Mountain Dew
  14. She's Much More of a Woman
  15. Wild Women
  16. Got My Mind on the Border of Mexico
  17. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  18. Jambalaya
  19. Almost Persuaded
  20. Moffett, Oklahoma
  21. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  22. Don't Squeeze My Sharmon
  23. Honky Tonk Season
  24. San Antonio Rose
  25. El Rancho Grande
  26. The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)
  27. You're From Texas


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