Geboren am 23. März 1953


Mehr Songtexte

  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  2. Soul Talkin'
  3. Somethin' Deep
  4. Disrespectful
  5. You Belong to Me
  6. Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)
  7. Never Miss the Water (feat. Me'Shell'ndgeocello) (Stylus club anthem)
  8. Hey Big Spender
  9. Hazels Hips
  10. The Best is Yet to Come
  11. Crazy
  12. I'm in the Mood for Love
  13. Is That All There Is?
  14. Stormy Weather
  15. 'Round Midnight
  16. Teach Me Tonight
  17. To Sir With Love
  18. Diamonds Are Forever
  19. Goldfinger
  20. I Believe
  21. Be Bop Medley
  22. So Not Worry
  23. One Million Kisses
  24. Ain't Nobody (LP remix version by Frankie Knuckles)
  25. Nothing's Gonna Take You Away
  26. All Night's All Right
  27. Our Love's in Danger
  28. A Woman In A Man's World
  29. Tearin' It Up (Instrumental)
  30. Papillon (Asa Hot Butterfly)
  31. What 'cha Gonna Do for Me
  32. It Ain't Easy Lovin' Me
  33. Love You All My Lifetime (Garage mix With Strings)
  34. Love You All My Lifetime (Love Suite 12'' mix Act 1)
  35. Love You All My Lifetime (Love Suite 12'' mix Act 2 Dub)
  36. Give Me All (extended version R&B)
  37. My Funny Valentine
  38. I Feel You
  39. Cinatown
  40. Don't Go to Strangers
  41. What'cha Gonna Do for Me
  42. End of a Love Affair
  43. I Know You I Live You
  44. I’m Every Woman (remix version by Dancin’ Danny D)
  45. Shining Star
  46. CK's Duet Space Rap (Hi NRG Mix Same BPM)
  47. Isn't That Enough
  48. Don't Cha Know
  49. Earth To Mickey (A Cappella Voices)
  50. Clouds (Disco Mix 2018 Instrumental)
  51. I'm Every Woman (Monsieur Hardy's Pool Party Instrumental)
  52. Do you love what you feel? (Max Hardy Edit 2018)
  53. Clouds (Disco Mix 2018)
  54. I'm every woman (Monsieur Hardy's Pool Party 2018)
  55. I’ll Never B Another Fool
  56. Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)


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