Gründung 2006


Remuched (Compilation)

  1. Killing Time
  2. Do You Want to Party? (Remuched by Siriusmo)
  3. Ego (Remuched by Filewile)
  4. Too Much (Remuched by Housi Housemeister)
  5. Who Took the Pill? (Remuched by Markus Lange)
  6. Blow It Up (Remuched by Marvin Suggs)
  7. Lvdngrslvngklls (Remuched by Rampa)
  8. Wrygdwylife? (Remuched by One Shot Orchestra)
  9. Who Took the Pill? (Siriusmo's reprise)
  10. 3 Minutes in the Brain of Bonaparte (Remuched by Jcll)
  11. Anti Anti (Remuched by Quinto) Deutsche Übersetzung von Bonaparte - Anti Anti (Remuched by Quinto)
  12. Ego (Remuched by Jack Tennis)
  13. Blow It Up (Remuched by Hifi Brown)
  14. Anti Anti (Aminus Clap Til You Die mix)
  15. Who Took the Pill? (Remuched by Death of a Cheerleader)
  16. Ego (Remuched by Zachov)
  17. A Song in © (Bonaparte vs Benfay)
  18. 3 Minutes in the Brain of Bonaparte (Michael Szedlak mix) Deutsche Übersetzung von Bonaparte - 3 Minutes in the Brain of Bonaparte
  19. Lvdngrslvngklls (live video)
  1. Do You Want to Party? (live at Admiralspalast Berlin)
  2. Tu me molas (live at Festsaal Kreuzberg)
  3. Wrygdwylife? (live at Dachstock Bern)
  4. Anti Anti (live at Admiralspalast Berlin)
  5. Ego (live in the Emperor's Brain)
  6. I Can't Dance (live at Dachstock Bern)
  7. Blow It Up (live in Carlos Cellar Dungeon)
  8. A-A-Ah (live at Mrs. Bonaparte's Château)
  9. Killing Time (Bosie Sold His Soul to the Devil)
  10. Interlude: Xixi's Paranoid Panamanian Fruit Salad
  11. Who Took the Pill? (live at Grand Theatre Groningen)
  12. Too Much (live in the Bloody Bunny's Costume)
  13. Interlude: Le Strip De Lulu Le Squelette (Lecon 01)
  14. Bienvenido (live in Between Caesar's Stripes)
  15. No, I M Against It! (live at Admiralspalast Berlin)
  16. Lvdngrslvngklls (live in Cannonman's Helmet)
  17. Gigolo Vagabundo (live Somewhere Im Grenzbereich)
  18. Anti Anti (reprise: Welcome to Madness...)
  19. Blow It Up (Jazz & Cheese at the Kaiser's House)


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