As Big as a Hat

  1. The MILF Next Door (von The Bob & Tom Band)
  2. Panties in the Glovebox (von Bob Kevoian and Whit Grayson)
  3. Bobby Bowden (von Tim Wilson)
  4. Dr. Tom Whiskey
  5. Kenny Tarmac Call #1
  6. Vajamas
  7. Back There and Down There
  8. Ed Pidural's Anesthesia City
  9. It Was a Shart (von Donnie Baker)
  10. Catch Phrases (von Ross Bennett)
  11. Gynomite
  12. Florida Northern University (von The Love Brothers)
  13. Kenny Tarmac Call #2
  14. Joe Johnson Law Office
  15. Naked Guy (von The Bob & Tom Band)
  16. J.T. and Dylan (von Paul and Storm)
  17. Sexual Harassment (von Mr. Obvious)
  18. Crush on me (von Donnie Baker)
  19. Sex in the City (von Pat Dixon)
  20. The Uncloser (von Greg Warren)
  21. Kenny Tarmac Call #3
  22. Belly Up the New Wife (von Sir Charles & Tony)
  23. William Henry Harrison Inauguration (von Scott Dunn)
  24. Presidential History
  25. Beating Food (von Donnie Baker)
  26. The Wine Guy (von Jesse Joyce)
  27. Napquest
  1. It's My Job (von Bob Kevoian)
  2. My Parents (von Greg Warren)
  3. OC / DC (von Ian St. Ian)
  4. Customer Service (von Donnie Baker)
  5. Hang Up Your Cell Phone (von The Bob & Tom Band)
  6. Annoyed (von Todd Glass)
  7. Bob Bile Motors
  8. Powdered Water (von Billy Mazing)
  9. Password for Sluts
  10. The Spork Story
  11. Mister Fister
  12. Relationships, Women, Etc… (von Tom Clark)
  13. Joe Theismann Takes Some Calls
  14. The Guy… Brett Favre (von Frank Caliendo)
  15. Belly Up Brett's a Jet (von Sir Charles & Tony)
  16. Superduper Matchup
  17. Stand-Up Trucker (von Floyd Tucker)
  18. Sleep Number Car Seat (von Tim Wilson)
  19. Hippie Chick (von Karen Rontowski)
  20. Beer Farts (von Donnie Baker)
  21. Hydrochlorotan
  22. Punkin' Head (von Heywood Banks)
  23. Furglar Halloween Safety Video
  24. The Haunted Economy
  25. The Bell Ringers (von Sid and Bart)
  26. The Santa Roast (von Scott Dunn)
  27. Amazing Bass
  28. I'm a Big Loser (von Heywood Banks)

A Day on the Radio

  1. Brand New Dad
  2. Jim Jim
  3. It's a Big World
  4. Friends, Sores and Star Trek
  5. 16 Years
  6. The Birthing Suite
  7. New Wax on an Old Car
  8. Laundry and Marriage
  9. Haircuts and Drinking
  10. Gotta Hit It Again
  11. High and Tight
  12. Semi-Famous on Basic Cable
  13. Can't Reach the Button
  14. Pardcast
  15. We Gonna Go With Somebody Else
  16. At the Dealer
  17. I'm Not a Smart Guy
  18. Jury Duty, Balloons and REO Speedwagon


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