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  1. Another Day in New York City
  2. Bay City Rollers Megamix: Bye Bye Baby / Love Me Like I Love You / All of Me Loves All of You/ Shang-A-Lang / Bye Bye Baby
  3. Rock n Roll Love Letter*
  4. Money Honey*
  5. Love Me Like I Love You*
  6. Dedication (Les Version)*
  7. Bye, Bye Baby
  8. Shanghai'd In Love
  9. Maybe I'm a Fool
  10. Derek's End Piece
  11. Rock 'n' Roller
  12. It's a Crime
  13. Rock 'n' Roll Letter
  14. Rock'n'Roll Love Letter
  15. Rock 'n Roller
  16. Don't Stopo the Music
  17. Rock 'N Roll Love Letter
  18. Mama Li (B-Side of ''Love Me Like I Love You'')
  19. Are You Ready for That Rock and Roll (B-Side of Shang-a-Lang)
  20. Love Me Like I Love You (UK single)
  21. Bye Bye Barbara (B-Side of Remember)
  22. Dedication (Ian Mitchell Lead Vocals)
  23. Hey C.B. (B-Side of Saturday Night)
  24. Maryanne (B-Side of ''Money Honey'')
  25. Way I Feel Tonight, The
  26. I Only Wanna Be With You (From USA album version - Also UK single)
  27. Bringing Back the Good Times (B-Side of Summerlove Sensation)
  28. Remenber (Sha la la la)
  29. That's Where the Boys Are
  30. Honey Don't Leave L.A.
  31. Won't You Come Home With Me
  32. Washington's Birthday
  33. Doors, Bars, Metal
  34. Tomorrow's Just a Day Away
  35. Who'll Be My Keeper
  36. Playing in a Rock 'n' Roll Band
  37. I'd Do It Again
  38. All Washed Up (Les McKeown)
  39. Doors, Bars & Metal
  40. Are You Ready for That Rock 'n' Roll
  41. Kings Road Chelsea (Les McKeown)
  42. Are You Cuckoo
  43. Rock 'n' Roll Honeymoon
  44. Wouldn't You Like It (1975)
  45. Too Young to Rock 'n' Roll
  46. Mary Anne
  47. Wouldn't You Like It (1972)
  48. Rock ’n Roll Love Letter
  49. Let's Go (A Huggin' & A Kissin' in the Moonlight)
  50. I'd Do It Again (Previously Unreleased)
  51. Rock'n Roll love letter
  52. Don't Stop Believing
  53. Yesterdays Heroes
  54. She Can't Say No
  55. Rock'n Roll Loveletter
  56. Cut'n Run
  57. Rock'n Roll Honeymoon
  58. Yesterdays's Heroes
  59. Rock 'n' Roll Love Letters
  60. Delek's End Piece
  61. The Pie*
  62. Honey Don't Leave L A
  63. Love Bought Me Such A Magical Feeling
  64. God Save Rock And Roll
  65. Where Will I Be Now ?
  66. I’d Do It Again (Previously Unreleased)
  67. Remember (Sha‐La‐La)
  68. Are You Ready for That Rock ’n’ Roll
  69. Don’t Stopo the Music
  70. Another Rainy Day In New Yok


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