a lalala lalala lu jah (Kids Praise and Worship)

André Kempen Live

Earth & Heaven Sing

I Will Follow Him

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  1. Jesus We Enthrone You
  2. In the Presence of the Lord
  3. I Just Want to Praise You
  4. Thou Art Worthy Great Jehovah
  5. Don't You Know Its Time to Praise the Lord
  6. You Are My Hiding Place
  7. Through Our God
  8. Arise and Sing
  9. Davids Song
  10. Behold the Lamb
  11. Jehovah Tsikenu
  12. Thou Art a Shield for Me
  13. The Spirit And The Bride Say 'Come'
  14. Lord of Lords
  15. Praise the Name of Jesus
  16. Holy Ground
  17. Give Thanks
  18. Where Can I Hide
  19. Blessing, Glory and Honour
  20. The Greatest Thing in All My Life
  21. We Are the Sons We Are the Daughters
  22. It Would Have Been Enough
  23. Blow the Trumpet
  24. Blessing, Glory & Honour
  25. He Is Jehovah
  26. Lord You're Beautiful
  27. The Trees of the Fields
  28. The Groom Is Waiting
  29. With My Hands Lifted Up
  30. King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  31. We Are a Chosen Generation
  32. Foreign Gods
  33. There Is Joy, Joy, Joy!
  34. Fight The Good Fight
  35. My Life Is in You Lord
  36. I Lift My Hands to the Coming King
  37. From The East And From The West
  38. I Will Rejoice in You and Be Glad
  39. With the High Praises of God in My Mouth
  40. How I Long For Your Presence
  41. The Lord Is Building Jerusalem
  42. Father In Heaven How We Love You
  43. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
  44. The Battle Belongs To The Lord
  45. It Is Jesus Down in My Heart
  46. To Be Like You
  47. Thou Art Worthy
  48. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
  49. To Seek Your Lovely Face
  50. Flying High as an Eagle
  51. I Will Bless the Lord
  52. The Zeal of God Has Consumed Me
  53. God Will Make A Way
  54. Hallelujah
  55. El Shaddai
  56. Avenu Shalom Aleichem
  57. In the Presence of Your People
  58. The Mountians Declare That He Is Lord
  59. Fear Not
  60. You Shall Go Out With Joy
  61. Sing Hallelujah to the Lord
  62. Jesus Is Alive
  63. Jesus Jesus How I Love You
  64. The Mountains Declare That He Is Lord


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