Album: The Complete Smokie Collection
von Smokie

Songtexte vom Album The Complete Smokie Collection

Songtexte von Smokie - The Complete Smokie Collection (Kein Cover verfügbar)
  1. Can’t Cry Hard Enough
  2. Living Next Door to Alice Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice
  3. Don’t Play Your Rock ’n’ Roll to Me
  4. Naked Love (Baby Love Me)
  5. Oh Carol Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - Oh Carol
  6. Lyin’ in the Arms of the One You Love
  7. Surfin’
  8. I Feel Love
  9. Rock Away Your Teardrops Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - Rock Away Your Teardrops
  10. You’re So Different Tonight
  11. In the Middle of a Lonely Dream
  12. Only Love Hurts
  13. What Can I Do?
  14. Don’t Stop This Love
  15. Angelina
  16. Young Hearts
  17. Love Take Me Away (Sleeping Beauty)
  18. Hearts Need Company
  19. Think About the Night Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - Think About the Night
  1. Needles and Pins
  2. It’s Your Life
  3. Working for the Weekend
  4. Wild Angels
  5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  6. The Rain Came Down
  7. Sometimes You Cry
  8. Romeo & Juliet
  9. Never Turn Your Back on Your Friends
  10. Heartbreak Angel
  11. Never Fight Again
  12. Looking Daggers
  13. Listen to Your Radio
  14. Every Little Kiss
  15. My Heart Is True
  16. Mariah
  17. Moving Mountains
  18. Hurting
  1. If You Think You Know How to Love Me Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - If You Think You Know How to Love Me
  2. For a Few Dollars More Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - For a Few Dollars More
  3. Derry Girl
  4. Something’s Been Making Me Blue
  5. Bang Bang
  6. Cry in the Night
  7. Falling Apart
  8. Can’t This Be Love
  9. It’s My Heart
  10. Love Is Out of the Question
  11. One Night in Vienna
  12. Hot Girls and Summer Nights
  13. Respect
  14. This Side of Paradise
  15. Destiny
  16. Stop Rewind
  17. Heat of the Night
  18. Tambourine Man
  19. All My Life
  1. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone Deutsche Übersetzung von Smokie - Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
  2. Take Good Care of My Baby
  3. I’ll Meet You at Midnight
  4. Chasing Shadows
  5. I’d Die for You
  6. Hold on Tight
  7. Never Made in Heaven
  8. Like an Eagle
  9. Don’t Play That Game With Me
  10. Hold on for the Night
  11. Fistful of Dollars
  12. Norwegian Girl
  13. Relying on You
  14. Remember the Days
  15. Northern Soul
  16. Scream You Guitar
  17. Love Sometimes Takes Time
  18. One More Dance
  19. Alice! (Who the F**k Is Alice.....?) (Living Next Door to Alice)


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