Album: Ponderosa Party Time!
von Lorne Greene

Songtexte vom Album Ponderosa Party Time!

Songtexte von Lorne Greene - Ponderosa Party Time! (Kein Cover verfügbar)
  1. Bonanza
  2. Sourwood Mountain
  3. Sky Ball Paint
  4. Early One Morning
  5. Ponderosa
  6. Careless Love
  7. Skip To My Lou
  8. In The Pines
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. My Sons, My Sons
  11. The Hangin' Blues
  12. Shenandoah
  13. Miss Cindy
  14. The Place Where I Worship
  15. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  16. Deck The Halls
  17. The New Born King
  18. Story: The First Christmas Trees
  19. Oh Fir Tree Dear
  20. Christmas Is A-Comin'
  21. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  22. Jingle Bells
  23. Santa Got Lost In Texas
  24. Stuck In The Chimney
  25. Story: Why We Light Candles On The Christmas Trees
  26. Merry Christmas Neighbor
  27. Merry Christmas And Goodnight
  1. Introduction: Bonanza
  2. Introduction: Alamo
  3. Introduction: Pony Express
  4. An Ol' Tin Cup (And a Battered Ol' Coffee Pot)
  5. Introduction: Endless Prairie
  6. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
  7. Introduction: Ringo
  8. Introduction: Blue Guitar
  9. Introduction: Sand
  10. Introduction: Saga of the Ponderosa
  11. Five Card Stud
  12. Cool Water Deutsche Übersetzung von Lorne Greene - Cool Water
  13. The Devil's Grin
  14. Pretty Horses
  15. Devil Cat
  16. The Ol' Chilsholm Trail
  17. Wagon Wheels
  18. Frightened Town
  19. Shadow of the Cactus
  20. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  21. Gold
  22. Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo
  1. The Search
  2. Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig (There's No More Water in the Well)
  3. Ol' Cyclone
  4. Twilight on the Trail
  5. Geronimo Deutsche Übersetzung von Lorne Greene - Geronimo
  6. Mule Train
  7. I'm a Gun
  8. Gunslinger's Prayer
  9. Nellie Cole
  10. Home on the Range
  11. Virginia Town
  12. The Place Where I Worship
  13. Introduction: Pop Goes the Hammer
  14. Introduction: End of the Track
  15. Nine Pound Hammer
  16. Introduction: Bring on the Dancin' Girls
  17. Introduction: Oh! What a Town
  18. Introduction: Fourteen Man
  19. Introduction: Destiny
  20. Introduction: Sixteen Tons
  21. Introduction: Trouble Now
  22. Introduction: Chickasaw Mountain
  23. Introduction: Darling, My Darling
  24. Introduction: the Man
  25. Ringo [French] Deutsche Übersetzung von Lorne Greene - Ringo
  26. Du Sable (Sand) [French] Deutsche Übersetzung von Lorne Greene - Du Sable (Sand) [French]
  1. The Bold Soldier (von Pernell Roberts)
  2. Mary Ann (von Pernell Roberts)
  3. They Call the Wind Maria (von Pernell Roberts)
  4. Roll Out, Heave That Cotton! (von Pernell Roberts)
  5. Lily of the West (von Pernell Roberts)
  6. The Water Is Wide (von Pernell Roberts)
  7. Rake and a Ramblin' Boy (von Pernell Roberts)
  8. A Quiet Girl (von Pernell Roberts)
  9. Shady Grove (von Pernell Roberts)
  10. Alberta (von Pernell Roberts)
  11. Empty Pocket Blues (von Pernell Roberts)
  12. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (von Pernell Roberts)
  13. Springfield Mountain
  14. Roll Out, Heave That Cotton!
  15. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  16. The Erie Canal
  17. Paiute Sunrise Chant
  18. Charles: Steal Away

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