Rolf Zuckowski
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Nikolaus und Weihnachtsmann Übersetzung
von Rolf Zuckowski

Nikolaus und Weihnachtsmann Songtext Übersetzung

Nikolaus says to the Christmas man
'Something must (finally) be done!
That people confuse us so often,
must not be allowed to carry on.
Everywhere we go at Christmas time
we have our old clothes on,
and the red coat certainly
belongs to the Christmas man.
Because on my head I wear my bishop's hat
and in my hand I carry my bishop staff.
I ask myself, how one can confuse us at all.'

The Christmas man says to Nikolaus:
'Dear Friend, I apologise.

© MUSIK FÜR DICH Rolf Zuckowski OHG, Hamburg

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