Neue Brücken Übersetzung
von Pur

Neue Brücken Songtext Übersetzung

New Brigdes

In my world I see so much land without bread
And once colorful parts a bloodstream colours deadly red,
Greed, hatred, envy and revenge are the epidemics in this world,
The immune system relies on the true god - money.

Wisdom lies beaten down,
Reason is getting crazy,
The lowest instincts take charge,
Wherever you look.

This all seems far away,
But it starts at your door,
The next to feel the cold
Is often not to blame

New bridges over rivers, full of stupid arrogance,
New bridges over valleys of deep intolerance,
New bridges, new ways, to approach each other,
Very gently, with respect, to treat each other.

Brothers are in the pub, liquor in mind, the spirit in the glass,
Worried about their country, their xenophobia thrives,
That Germans are better people - those who don't know it can learn it there,
And that not everything was bad under Adolf in the Nazi years.

The sheikh is very welcome when he spends dollars on tanks,
His compatriot on the run from torture is less popular.
The door is easily locked. Is that not asylum fraud?
The few well-meaning candle-lit demonstrations were not enough, not even close.


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Hab mal ein bissl "Schulenglisch" optimiert. ;)

Übersetzung ins Englische, das Original wurde in deutscher Sprache verfasst.