Das Mädchen mit den drei blauen Augen Übersetzung
von Georg Kreisler

Das Mädchen mit den drei blauen Augen Songtext Übersetzung

Oh I love the girl
With three blue eyes
Not one
Not two-
No: three blue eyes
Yes if I
see her three eyes
How blue
How blue-
How blue!

There are many people
with two blue eyes
But only one dame
has three blue eyes
If she sleeps
She closes two
And, motherly, watches
over me with the third

When we both go strolling
eye in eye
eye in eye
and eye
There's so many girls around
That think it would be nice
If they also had a third

Oh, how I like to kiss
To drink from your lips
But I like even more
The three blue eyes
I could keep kissing them
and here-
and there

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