Solo Songtext
von Working Week

Solo Songtext



the strongest feelings
run through lonelier hours,
falling from lost towers.
a sweeter truth turns on
the stranger of powers,
coming after hours.
he's calling her name,
but she can't hear a thing.
there is a voice inside,
so clear as it rings out:
trust it solo,
take it solo,
make it solo.

she lives a life
that is so hard to complete,
singing through the end,
a sun-burst child, caught
in a fragment of flame,
never played the game.

the drummer's riding
and the saxophone's soaring
rhythm candescent,
keeps on falling around her:
she swings it solo,
she feels it solo.


she's stronger
than you've ever found,
she's had enough
messing around.

she packs her bags
before she travels by night,
cat's eyes give her sight.
she tells of strange fruit
on the water front.
lover come back to me.
she's bathed in floodlight
on the stage of convention.
the public gaze
holds off the devils inside.
as she takes them solo
they feel it so slow.


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