Montana Girl Songtext
von Vansire

Montana Girl Songtext

I'm eastbound on I-90
Thinking 'bout next summer
Cause we could meet in Missoula
Hike until our lungs hurt
Till my lungs hurt
It's not all that hurts if I don't see her
It's something bigger I'm feeling sure

Oh Montana girl, you're on my mind
Twelve long months pass but we'll be fine
When I see you we will spend the time
Staring at the sky from concert lines

I'm eastbound out of Portland
It's a lazy taste of alpine
I guess you're somewhere below me
Smiling under cloud lines
Keep me cloud lines
Cause I've spent about half of my life in fear
Of things that never seem to appear
For my sake leave Minnesota in June
I think her name is calling you so

Oh Montana girl you're on his mind
Twelve long months will pass but we'll all be fine
(Will I be fine, will I be fine)
Wish I'd lived my life like cheers with wine
And I'll think of you both as he makes the drive

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