Cadaver Decomposition Island Songtext
von Ultra-Violence

Cadaver Decomposition Island Songtext

Scent of putrefaction
Blistered and purple skin
Cold and stiff to the touch
Decomposition begins

Blowflies come in and out
Laying eggs in cavities
Beetles and their larvae
Long to commence the feast

Let them (feed)
The detritivore community
Swarm and (breed)
Wrapped into the shroud of nature
(Become one with it)

Feel the Mother Earth sweet caress
Maggots chomp away at your rotting flesh

Tissues start to rupture
Carcass deflate again
Abdomen bursts open
Allowing gas to escape

Acids and pus leak out
Dark fluids pooling around the body
Enriching the soil beneath
Dormant spores wake up, you sink

Let them (feed)
Unsung heroes of recycling
Swarm and (breed)
Seeped into the womb of nature
(Become one with it)


Matter can't be created
Matter can't be destroyed
You shall return to nature
Becoming one with soil

The earth is now your body
The mountains are your bones
The rivers and their waters
Are now your veins and blood

Your arms are now branches reaching to the sky
Nurture new growth and create new life

Mother cries
And it rains upon your leaves
'Pon your leaves

They're tears of joy
For winter always turns to spring

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