I'm Tired of Giving Songtext
von The Spinners

I'm Tired of Giving Songtext

you can tell when someones faking
you can tell when love is true if inside your heart is breaking
how can you be you
when the truth becomes in question standing right before your eyes
moving on to something better
keep the strong alive

im tired of giving
but its you that keeps me hanging on
So tired of giving (so tired of giving)
cant get from falling down
So tired of giving
cant get up from falling down

there are times when life is happy
there are times when life is sad
now is time that we remember
all the fun we had
losing you there would be no future
what will keep the love alive
in are hearts there lies the answer
bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bu-bum Love

all the way to the ending

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