Trans-Global Express Songtext
von The Jam

Trans-Global Express Songtext

Ordinary people don't get time to think not that it's their fault
'Cos you have to hustle and bustle about your work
Just to make sure the food gets bought
Governments threaten you with recession
Then they threaten you with war

How the other side wants to take away
All the things you ain't got no more
Keep us divided with their greed and hate
Keep you struggling to put the food on your plate

Imagine if tomorrow the workers went on strike
Not just British Leyland but the whole world
Who would earn their profits?
Who would make their bombs?

You'd see the hands of oppression fumble
And their systems crash to the ground
And you men in uniform will have to learn the lesson too
Not to turn against your own kind whenever governments tell you to

Get the trans-global express moving
And see our marvelous leaders quiver
They know that if it happens their lazy days are over
The day the working people join together
We'll all rest much more easy

The responsibility you must bear
When it's your own future in your hands
Maybe a hard one to face up to
But at least you will own yourself

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