The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong Songtext
von The Jam

The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong Songtext

Letting loose the lunatics wasn't the greatest of ideas
Giving them plans and money to squander
Should have been the worst of our fears
The dream life luxury living was a pleasant number 10 whim
But somewhere down the line of production
They left out human beings
They were gonna build communities
It was going to be pie in the sky
But the piss stench hallways and broken down lifts
Say the planners dream went wrong
If people were made to live in boxes
God would have given them string
To tie around their selves at bed time
And stop their dreams falling through the ceiling
And the public school boy computers
Keep spewing out our future
The house in the country designs the 14th floor
Old Mrs. Smith don't get out much more
Coitus interrupts 'cause of next doors rows
Your washing gets nicked when the lights go out
Baby's scream in the nightmare throng
But planners just get embarrassed when their plans go wrong!

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