Winds of Change Songtext
von The Animals

Winds of Change Songtext

There are winds of changes blowing
Gathering leaves up in its path
And the people who are the leaves
Will remain in our hearts, with love, till eternity

King Elmore was born
So was Duke Ellington
Jelly Roll made love
Bessie Smith was created in heaven above

Robert Johnson sang the blues
Shick Webb did those things that only he could do
Charlie Christian started a new thing
And, oh my, how Billie Holiday could sing

Alan Freed rock and rolled
Joe Turner's voice was very low
B.B. King wailed, Charlie Parker cried
Louis Jordan smiled

Ray Charles moaned
Chuck Berry rock and rolled
Fats Domino made me feel good
Elvis Presley did things that no one thought he could

Then came the Beatles, Rolling Stones
Whole new thing was going on
Frank Zappa zapped
Mamas and Papas knew where it was at

They all listened to Ravi Shankar
Now that we got Jimi Hendrix
We know where we are
(And Louis Jordan smiled)

And the winds of change go on blowing, blowing
Gathering more and more leaves in its path
As time goes past

Winds of change keep on blowing
Winds of change keep on blowing
Bob Dylan sang about the winds of change
Blowing, it's all blowing, the winds of change

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