Venus And Serena (Massimo) Songtext
von Super Furry Animals

Venus And Serena (Massimo) Songtext

Father, father I have sinned
I don't know where to begin
Give me words of advice
I'll save them up for a clear day

Keep your eye upon the ball
Write your thoughts upon the wall
There's some words of advice
Save them up for a clear day

Venus and Serena understand

Flushing meadows down the stream
Living life as though it's a dream
Eat the future today
Don't save it up for a rainy day

Holy bombs make holy holes
Holy holes make homeless moles
Take the turtle and hare
Don't run around if you can walk there

Venus and Serena understand

Father, father, father, father can't you see?
I'm a walking tragedy
Father, father, father when I look to the past
I never realised that it wouldn't last

Venus and Serena understand

I've one final thing to say
I'm not your father anyway
Found you under a cloud
Left outside by the wolves one day, hey

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