So Much in Love Songtext
von Sheena Easton

So Much in Love Songtext

You must be happy, you look wonderful, never seen you look so fine
Ive heard all about her, youre mad about her
You talk about her all the time

You say you love her, shes given you everything youll ever need
Though I still adore you, Im happy for you
I know that its too late for me

The only love I ever wanted is gone forever, I can never put my world together
So much in love, I know youll never come back to me
Whoa, love doesnt come to you every minute
If you hold back, someone else will win it
If you gotta love, put your heart right in it, never set it free

So think it over, and youll understand
Im not tryin to change your mind
Know shell never love you the way I love you
Boy dont miss your chance this time


(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats out

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