Heart Of A Lion Songtext
von Shabba Ranks

Heart Of A Lion Songtext

He dat knoweth the wrong but doeth the right
shall be span while many strive.
When da heathen a come jah children shall step wide.
Even though they make mention of them and those (fire bun),
me an dem neva be friend.
You know why? You know why?

Dem have the heart of a pagen.
Jah children have the heart of a lion I know.
Evil a move with Satan.
Righteous trod in the countinance of the Almighty One.
Dem have the heart of demon.
Jah children have de heart of a lion I know.
Evil a move with Satan.

Righteous walk in the countinance of the Almighty One.

Verse 1:
Poor people see hostility rising daily.
Ignorance multiply brutality we eye see.
Daddy run gone lef mommy,
Fi struggle the hard road wit five pickeny.
Our eye see baby having baby.
Nothing dat happen no do not, same story do amaze we.
We know that is the fulfillment of prophecy.
Our eye see dem no build school it's chirch and penetentry.
Church a church an den de penetentry never empty.
Still playing a mental trick on me. Listen!
You check you an me check me,
An' let's bring more love inna de black community.


Verse 2:
Respect the Father of the prophet Moses and Abraham.
You have to respect the Father of Jacob and Solomon.
Respect the creator of many nations.
He make the birds, He make the bees, the fishes of the ocean.
And fossil them together with His mighty hand.
He made the man, He made woman, children the future of the land.
So who is due to disrespect the creator man?
Seventy-two nation bow down and crown Him conquering one.
It would be beautiful in the sight of Jah the Holy One,
To see the unification of my nation.


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