Airplanes Songtext
von Secret Lives! of the Freemasons

Airplanes Songtext

Step One: Sell everything you own.
Buy a ticket out of this town right now.
Step Two: Cut ties with who you knew.
They'll only drag you back to that place that hurt you.
I could write more than three lines about how I hate
every street corner and stop sign.
I wanna get out gotta get out.
I wanna get out of this town right now.
I wanna get out gotta get out get out of this town.
I'm afraid of airplanes but I'm getting on one today.
I wanna leave this place so I'm getting on one.
I hope that they can see my wave up here
in this seat next to outer space.
When you touch down and your feet meet new ground.
Try your best to forget that place.
They say that every towns the same.
Well i beg to differ.
I hate that fucking place.

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